Xerox Small Business Printers: Using Them is as Easy as Using a Mobile App

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Xerox Small Business Printers: Using Them is as Easy as Using a Mobile App

Wouldn’t it be great to find a printer so easy to use — so intuitive — that you barely had to think about it?

And what if operating it didn’t require the Rosetta Stone to understand cryptic commands, but instead was as simple as using your tablet or mobile app?

And what if you could be printing in under 5 minutes after unboxing?

Oh, and what if you could get all of this at an affordable cost of ownership, with fast printing speed and beautiful color quality?

With the new Xerox Phaser 6510 color printer and Xerox WorkCentre 6515 color multifunction printer, you can get all of that and much more.

A small office, for example, can print high-quality brochures and marketing materials on site and in minutes, without sacrificing color quality. That same small office can digitize client proposals and contracts, sending these files to employees on the road and creating text-searchable versions for easy archiving.

A Product Marketing Manager’s Dream

Recently I spoke with Bradley Allan, Xerox Product Marketing Manager, a passionate champion of the new 6510 and 6515 devices.

Brad was involved in the program for these new devices since the beginning.

According to Brad, a team at Xerox has been tirelessly working to completely redesign printers from the ground up for the small business market.

“Manufacturers often make improvements to an existing product. By starting from the ground up with a totally new design we were able to achieve breakthroughs. And we’re able to deliver much more productivity to small businesses,” he said.

So what exactly is new and different about the 6510 and 6515?  A lot, according to Brad.

“Everything’s been redesigned — from the out-of-box setup, to the user interface you use for choosing copies or other services you want. It’s a far far step ahead.”

“We even redesigned the toner formula.”

As a product marketing manager, you’d expect Brad to be excited. But it’s easy to see why. These devices really are revolutionary.

What’s Exciting About These Printers

“Here’s an example of what is so exciting about these new devices. Take the user interface you use to choose the number of copies or whether to scan or fax a document. Traditionally, printer screens have used what’s called a resistive interface. Most people are familiar with these older style screens. You have to push firmly to make a selection.”

“However, today, people are used to using touchscreens on mobile devices, with light touches and gestures. That touchscreen experience, called a capacitive interface, is what we designed into the 6515. That means choosing the print services you want on the screen is like using a tablet. And it’s what people have become used to using today. We brought that same tablet experience to printers.”

“There’s even scan and fax preview. This is a competitive differentiator in this segment of products,” Brad added.

Xerox Small Business Printers: Using Them is as Easy as Using a Mobile App

The menu icons on the touchscreen are different colors to make them easy to read (see image above). You can customize the screen by dragging your most-used icons to the front. All icons are intuitive with clear labels.

This touchscreen approach is a first in its class, according to Brad. “You won’t find any desktop multifunction printers at this price level with this kind of tablet-like ease of use. Xerox is first with this.”

Oh and that toner that was redesigned?  Brad says that’s important to small businesses because, “these folks use their printed output to represent their business to their customers.  The color quality is fantastic and gives any small business owner the confidence needed when printing proposals, marketing materials, and so on.”

The color, he added, is crisp and that’s “important when presenting your brand in marketing materials.”

These devices bring powerful value to small and medium businesses.  “It’s not just about what the printer itself costs. Buyers making the purchase decision can be confident in their total cost of ownership as the run costs are very competitive,” Brad added. For instance, toner and imaging drums are separate, which means customers don’t potentially sacrifice imaging drum life if toner is depleted before the drum (as can happen when these supplies are combined).

A Powerful Set of Features

The Xerox Phaser 6510 color printer and Xerox WorkCentre 6515 color multifunction printer make you more productive in your business:

  • Has a 5-inch, app-based, tablet-like touchscreen with scan preview, editing features and intuitive navigation (MFP only).
  • Provides the ability to customize workflows and offers easy-to-use installation wizards for an excellent out-of-box experience.
  • Prints letter and legal size paper.
  • Has WiFi Direct connectivity for secure printing from mobile phones and tablets.*
  • Integrates with Apple, Google Cloud and Android print capabilities.
  • Scans to email, FTP, your corporate network, and USB device. You can also scan and send to multiple locations in one easy job with Scan-to.
  • Scans and prints directly to and from the cloud with Xerox Mobile Link. **
  • Has a monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages and print speeds of up to 30 pages per minute.
  • Scans two-sided in a single pass through the DADF.
  • Offers 1200 x 2400 native dpi for accurate color reproduction and brilliant output.

* Note: Wi-Fi is standard on DNI configurations, optional on N and DN configurations.

** Note: Mobile Link support will not be available until Q1 2017.

The Xerox Phaser 6510 color printer starts at a suggested retail price of $319. The WorkCentre 6515 color multifunction printer starts at a suggested retail price of $469. Both are available through ecommerce sites and Xerox channel partners.

See the video for more:

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