10 Non-Tech Gifts for Your Customers

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It is important to send gifts to your customers to show how thankful you are for them this time of year. Anyone can spend hundreds of dollars on lavish gifts. But, how do you show you care when the budget is under $25 and you’re seeking non-tech gifts? Here are ten different options.

Non-Tech Gifts

  1. A Flock of Chickens. Heifer is an organization that gives food, animals and clean water to developing countries. With this gift, you can honor a customer and give food to people that are less fortunate. $20.
  2. iRoller. The dirtiest place in the world in your smartphone screen. A few swipes with the sticky gift and any touchscreen will be smudge free. The material was originally invented by a plastic surgeon. $20.
  3. Merlot Infused Coffee. An all in one gift, it doesn’t force the choice between another glass of wine and a cup of coffee. This gift comes from aging the beans in oak wine barrels. $20.
  4. Marital Bliss. A personal favorite! My wife and I used this after my youngest son went to college. This romantic competition challenges spouses and partners with rewards for sweet behavior. It sends them on secret missions to carry groceries, cook dinner, and more to accumulate points. $20.
  5. Table Topics. With all the technology, people have forgotten how to talk to each other. This gift has 135 conversation starters to get everyone thinking and talking for meaningful social time. You will be surprised what you can learn! $25.
  6. Super Magnetic Putty. Every customer needs more things to play with on their desk to quell the urge to multitask. This gift is moldable and magnetic at the same time. $15.
  7. Flavor Infused Water Bottle. Do away with disposable water bottles. Put fruit and any other flavor in this handy bottle and make water a lot more interesting. $15.
  8. Password Reminder Book. Decidedly low tech,  this helps remember all those passwords instead of losing that important scrap of paper. The “Open Sesame!” password reminder book is an alphabetized journal designed specifically for account name, username, and a password hint. $13.
  9. Random Acts of Kindness Kit. With all the conflict around the world, this may be exactly the gift that is needed. These 26 cards will find you picking up someone else’s tab at a restaurant, writing a letter to someone who inspired you, or picking up the trash on your street. They can create a chain reaction of secret kindness throughout your company. $10.
  10. “F” This Test. The perfect pick me up for the customer having a bad day. It’s a collection of completely terrible test answers such as “What is a meteor? Answer: An animal that eats meat.” $10.

What type of gifts, tech or non-tech gifts, will you be giving to your customers this year?

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