10 Prolific Things To Do In Mastering Summer Boredom

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10 Prolific Things To Do In Mastering Summer Boredom

Summers means scorching heat,that doesn’t allow you to go out,instead feels better to be in a room with A.C On,but for me this ultimately leads to lazy mode,for some it might,isn’t it?

Summers are really hot, sweaty and restless.It varies from person to person.Some feel good while there are many they feel bored,helpless and not knowing what to do the rest of the day.

But now  no need to get trapped into the blazing heat.It’s better to find some productive ways to overcome burning summer days.

For me summer makes me excited thinking about music festivals,cool site picnics, ice cream and long walks along the lake,relaxing on a pool raft,swimming.Ohh!! This is really fascinating and will certainly charge us up instead of getting bored or such.

So here let’s  talk about ten prolific and productive things you can do to beat the boredom of summer.

1) Go with some soothing tracks:

First try discovering some new music.If you realize you are listening to the same songs in repetitive mode a thousand times and want to find some new tracks,so summer is the perfect time to discover.Exploring some new music,new artists that you like, will certainly go great.Ultimately landing  you up with at least one song and humming your own tune the rest of the day,isn’t it seems to be really enjoying.There are plenty of apps you can go for to discover the upcoming as well as old tracks too.

2) Books and reading:

A little reading is all the therapy a person needs everyday.So the most serene as well as exciting thing you can do is build a new habit  like reading every single day. I personally been building the habit of reading a chapter of a book every single day  and it’s honestly been great because its gives me immense pleasure to have my time and I’m able to actually establish the habit of reading at least a single page once in a day.Just grab some refreshing healthy summer drink sit in the comfy chairs, enjoy the A/C, and read any book or magazine that you’d like.It would be the best summer day you ever thought of.

3) Cleaning and organizing:

Tidy room  means Tidy mind.Motivate yourself to keep your room neat and well organised.Cleanliness leads to happiness.Cleaning and organizing is a practice.So you should definitely deep clean your room.As you all know a lot of people who would skip the spring cleaning and just kind of put it off but now it’s summer and you have a lot of free time so you can go ahead and deep clean your room or your desk and this will allow you to be much more productive you’ll feel better about yourself.

4) Get into shape:

As we all know “We are what we think”.Our thoughts decide our destiny.So its very important to take some time for yourself,at least one hour a day.Practice Meditation every morning,it will surely improve your thinking ability,help to keep you focused and certainly make you feel happy in the moment you are.  Do some exercises.You refer to my previous blog “Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”.

Talk about improving your diet because this is really important.Plan for the nutritious diet.In summer you can definitely make some healthy recipes for yourself and your family as well.All these things will definitely help you to get better shape.

Meditate,work out,eat well and be patient your body will reward you.It’s been proven that most people are more likely to stick to an exercise plan if they have a friend with them,isn’t it cool. Even if you just walk and talk to your friend for a half hour every day, you can burn lots of calories while you enjoy the summer sun.

5) Do Vlogs:

 Another best and most exciting thing you can do is actually try vlogging.Vlogging isn’t just a job,it’s a lifestyle. Now you don’t specifically have to vlog every single thing that you do during the day like some youtubers do instead you can just sit down at the end of every day for five minutes and just talk to the camera about how your day went and how you’re feeling.

It’s a lot easier because you don’t actually have to write things down you just speak to the camera and it’s just as easy as that also be able to look back at all these memories in a few years which will be pretty cool and you’ll think yourself.

6) Organizing your emails:

 Next you should definitely organize your emails,because if you go into your inbox you see like a few thousand emails, then you probably need to delete some of these things and unsubscribe from random newsletters that you didn’t want to subscribe to and you know just having your inbox to zero is just great

7) Choose for career options:

Another thing you can do is research dream career, this is actually a really cool one ,so people don’t stick with one career path nowadays.  You can research some career alternatives and maybe you’ll change your own career path to a much better one and this is especially great if you have not picked a career yet and you just kind of don’t really know what you want to major in university and this is just a great way to find out some unique careers that you can choose it’s just really helpful.

8) Clean your devices(Mobile,Laptops,Computers etc):

 You should try cleaning your phone in your phone case. Now if you look at your phone and you see a ton  gross fingerprints and then you’ll remove your phone case and you see that the edges of the phone case are yellow and just disgusting  and you just realize that you hold this device in your hands for a few hours every single day and you just really realize that you need to clean it.So just go for it find any of good quality a screen cleaning liquids just spray some of it clean your screen and then try cleaning your phone case it won’t be like new because it will stay kind of yellow but you know it’s a lot better than before.

Then  make sure not to limit this to your phone, clean your computer screen or your laptop screen as well.Maybe your iPad or a tablet,watches and some other electronic devices you use on a regular basis.

You will feel really fresh and tidy to use these devices the next time you need it.

9) Take care of your skin:

Taking care of skin doesn’t only apply to the ladies, Gentlemen need to take care of their skin too.Every year, summers take a toll on the skin. The scorching heat, pollution, humidity  wipes off the natural glow, and sometimes, invites infections. To avoid all these problems, and to keep your skin radiating like before you should definitely take care of your skin.Summers means changing your skin care routine.

Here are basic 5 ways to take  care of your skin:

  1. Soothe the skin with natural remedies(ingredients from your kitchen).

  2. Make sure you keep your face clean of dust and sweat.

  3. Use sunscreen lotion before going out in sun(UV rays can be harmful for your skin)

  4. Drink lots and lots of water 8-10 glasses at least(helps you to be hydrated and remove toxins from your body)

  5. Taking a bath twice a day will keep your skin fresh.

10) Research how you could be useful to your community:

Supporting your local community can bring a whole host of benefits to you and the people around you. Lending a helping hand can help you to make new friends, learn new skills, advance your career and, most importantly, give something back.You should search for the opportunity in how you can lend your helping hand to others.Do a research on it and give your best: