10 super accessories every ‘Wonder Woman’ fan needs

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Thank Hera! The day DC fans have waited for is finally here. Wonder Woman has finally released in theaters, and the response is already off to a promising start.

Before lassoing a ticket to the nearest box office, you might want to celebrate with a Wonder Woman accessory worthy of the Amazonians. Or maybe you just need to distract yourself to make it to the end of the workday. Either way, we got you.

1) Shine with your very own Wonder Woman tiara.

wonder woman headband tiara

Price on Amazon: $10.79


2) Fuel up before smashing the patriarchy.

wonder woman mug

Price on ThinkGeek: $5.99


3) Who needs a batmobile when you have this logo projector?

wonder woman logo projector

Price on Amazon: $12.99


4) Protect your belongings with a shielded crossbody bag.

wonder woman crossbody bag

Price on Hot Topic: $22


5) Never misplace your keys again.

wonder woman keychain

Price on Amazon: $9.95


6) Save the world in comfort and style.

wonder woman slip on shoes

Price on ThinkGeek: $29.95


7) Earrings for when you’re feeling geeky and glam.

wonder woman earrings

Price on Amazon: $10.44


8) Look fly with these socks, complete with mini capes.

wonder woman socks

Price on Amazon: $8.25


9) This cuff bracelet is a spin on Wonder Woman’s classic accessory.

wonder woman cuff bracelet

Price on Amazon: $9.94


10) Keep your hair out of the way with justice clips.

wonder woman hair clips

Price on Hot Topic: $9.67