20 Pinterest Plugins For Your WordPress Site

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The amount of people using Pinterest continues to grow. And if you’ve been maintaining your Pinboards, you’ll want to share your work with readers on your company’s website.

Luckily, there are quite a few plugins that allow you to share your Pinterest work on your WordPress site. Likewise, these Pinterest plugins give your readers the ability to share the content of your Pinboards and connect to your Pinterest account.

Pinterest Plugins for WordPress

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

This is a free Pinterest plugin that places a “Pin It” button hovering over the images on your website.

When your readers hover over images on your site, they’ll see a small “Pin It” button appear. Once clicked, they’ll be redirected to their Pinterest account to share that image to one of their Pinboards.

You can also use more advanced features on this plugin to customize the location the button appears on your site  and the appearance of the button itself.

Pinterest “Pin It” Button

This is another free Pinterest plugin that allows you to place a simple (and standalone) Pinterest “Pin It” button above or under posts and pages on your company’s WordPress site.

This plugin only displays a Pinterest button. When a reader clicks the button, they’ll be able to decide which of the images on a particular post or page they want to share. They can also then choose which Pinboards they’ll share the image on.

Pretty Pinterest Pins

This is a relatively simple Pinterest plugin to use. Best of all, it’s free and adds great imagery to your website.

The plugins enables you to share a collection of Pinboard images with your WordPress readers. The plugin can be placed on posts and pages as well as being displayed as a sidebar widget.

Pretty Pinterest Pins allows you to share someone else’s Pinboards, too. The images display as thumbnails. You can select the number of images to display on your site and from what Pinboards you wish to share.

Pinterest Pinboard Widget

This Pinterest plugin will display your latest Pins shared to Pinterest.

Unlike previous suggestions on this list, the widget does not grant you as many customizations. It is free and simple to use, though.

The widget displays a gallery-style list of your latest pins in thumbnail form. There is also a shortcode available with this plugin that lets you display it on any page on your WordPress site.

Pinterest Widget Builder

This widget builder straight from Pinterest gives you several options to encourage readers to follow your profile, Pin images on your site to their profile, or display your latest Pins.

Setting up these widgets is rather easy. You select the options for a “Pin It” button, a “Follow” button, a Pin widget, a Pinboard widget and a Profile widget. Pinterest gives you a code based on your options. Simply place that code into a widget on your WordPress site and pick where you want it to display.

Pinterest says you can also add a “Pin It” button to your iOS or Android app through its widget builder.

Pinterest “Follow” Button

This simple and free Pinterest plugin allows you to place one of several different Pinterest buttons on your WordPress site.

The plugin can be displayed as a widget in one of your sidebar or footer areas. It also contains shortcode, enabling you to place the button on posts and pages throughout your site.

Readers clicking this button will be prompted to follow you on Pinterest through their own accounts.

Easy Pinterest

This Pinterest plugin displays a fixed-width widget on one of your sidebar or footer areas. The free widget will show thumbnails of your latest Pins on the social site.

The widget is fixed at 300 pixels wide and should fit nicely into most WordPress themes’ sidebar areas. The plugin’s installation page indicates that it “fetches” new images from your Pinterest account once a day. Others can refresh every 15 minutes so this would be ideal for someone who doesn’t update Pinterest more than once a day.

You can select the amount of images to display and the account to show.

Pinterest RSS Widget

This free Pinterest plugin gives your readers the ability to see and share your latest Pins. It also features a “Follow Me On Pinterest” that lets your readers not only see your posts, but follow future ones.

The plugin can be customized to fit your WordPress theme. Thumbnail image sizes and the amount of Pins to show can be changed through the plugin’s settings. The latest version of this plugin lets you choose a specific Pinboard to show on your WordPress site, too.

The plugin will also show a Pin’s title under the thumbnail, if you choose that option.

Alpine Phototile for Pinterest

This Pinterest plugin gives your latest Pins a little more life than others on the list.

The plugin – which is free – draws from your Pinterest account’s RSS feed and gathers your latest Pins. It can be set to fetch Pins from a specific Pinboard, too. There are several Pin styles to choose from. Each style features a different border for your Pins.

When readers click on one of your Pins in WordPress, a gallery will pop up on their screen. This gallery will allow readers to scroll through your most recent Pins.

eeWee Pinterest

This is another free Pinterest plugin for your WordPress site. It shows thumbnails of your latest Pins, even from specific boards you’ve created on Pinterest.

Options allow you to change the width of the image thumbnails. A button below the images allow your readers to view your Pins on Pinterest directly where they may be inclined to follow your account.

This plugin can be featured in a widget area or on posts and pages on your WordPress site.

Pinterest for Galleries

Pinterest for Galleries is a free Pinterest plugin that places a “Pin It” button below every image in any native WordPress image gallery on your site.

By placing this button below your images, you give readers on your WordPress site the ability to share your photos on their Pinboards.

There are known conflicts with NextGen and customized WordPress image galleries, however.

WP Pinterest

This is a catch-all plugin that incorporates all forms of Pinterest sharing on WordPress.

The free Pinterest plugin allows you to add “Pin It” buttons, a “Follow” button and various Pinboards to your company’s WordPress site.

These buttons can be added to any sidebar on your site. Though older, it is still supported through WordPress version 3.4.2.

Pinterest Badge

This is a free Pinterest plugin that places a widget in one of your WordPress sidebars.

The Pinterest Badge widget shows your latest Pins in thumbnail format. You can select Pin thumbnails of varying sizes and show up to 9 in the Badge. You can also show your readers how many people follow you on Pinterest. A “Follow” button allows your readers to join their ranks, too.

Skysa Pinterest “Pin It” App

This free Pinterest plugin places a Pinterest logo pin at the bottom of your WordPress site. It allows your site visitors to Pin any images you have posted. And all images that your readers share to their Pinboards will automatically link back to your website.

The size and look of the “Pin It” button can be changed. The plugin also allows you to change default text that readers can quickly share when they Pin your images.

Pinterest Pro for WordPress

This is one of the few premium Pinterest plugins we’ve found. For $5, the plugin’s developers promise “full Pinterest integration” through your website.

The plugin allows you to post an unlimited number of widgets in your WordPress sidebars. This means you can post multiple Pinboards separately on your WordPress site. There are two custom widgets available with this premium plugin.

The plugin’s website indicates that it supports all button images, sizes and counter options available. A shortcode generator creates code that allows you to post Pinterest Pins and boards onto posts and pages, too.

Pinterest AutoPin

This is another premium Pinterest plugin for WordPress.

Pinterest AutoPin enables a hover-over “Pin It” button on images posted to your WordPress site. There are four different Pin It buttons to choose from. The plugin works with iPad and iPhone devices, according to the developer’s website.

The cost of the plugin is  also $5.

Pinterest Recent Pins

This is another $5 premium Pinterest plugin allowing you to add 25 new Pins to your WordPress site. The plugin can be placed in any area of your website that allows widgets to be displayed.

You can adjust the pin count, pin size and the number of columns to show on the widget.

Pins can be opened into a lightbox gallery which shows your selected Pins in full resolution. You can also opt not to display the lightbox gallery and just direct readers to your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Tab

This is a free Pinterest plugin that allows you to embed Pinterest Pinboards and Pins on your WordPress website.

There is also an option with this plugin to show a Pinterest Tab on your business’ Facebook page. When this plugin is embedded on your website, it is optimized for mobile readers.

The Pinterest Tab plugin allows you to show all of your Boards and Pins on your website. These options can be embedded onto any WordPress page you create.

WP Pinner

This Pinterest plugin is a bit different from the rest on this list. Rather than allowing your readers to share images they find on your site to their Pinterest boards, it helps you manage your Pinterest account from WordPress.

From within the WordPress dashboard of your website, you can track various aspects of your Pinterest account. This includes a counter, the number of clicks, likes, and repins you receive. It also allows you to schedule Pins to your Pinterest account. You can also auto-pin your WordPress posts to your Pinterest page.

PinMason Responsive Slider

This is the most expensive of the premium Pinterest plugins discussed on this list. But developers say it will also deliver the most dynamic image content for your WordPress site, too.

For $16, the PinMason Responsive Slider plugin places a Nivo slider on your website. You simply tell the plugin what Pinboards you’re looking to share. You then select one of 16 different transition effects for the Nivo slider. Sliders are also available in one of four pre-loaded skins.

The plugin also features a Re-pin button that allows your WordPress site readers to share any image or video from YouTube or Vimeo that they see on your site.

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