20 product management blogs that are worth following

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20 product management blogs that are worth following

Product management blogs are a product manager’s secret weapon. By offering a glimpse into the world of product management, blogs are an extraordinary resource for staying up-to-date on best practices, strategies, and product-related news from key industry insiders.

Stay in the know. Bookmark these top product management blogs today!

The Black Box of Product Management

Brandon Chu’s product management blog strikes an excellent balance between the personal and the technical, making his posts a delight to read. With years of experience as a product leader at companies like Shopify, Chu’s articles dive into the philosophy of product management, advice for managing and developing product teams, and the mechanics of product thinking.

Bringing the Donuts

Bringing the Donuts is written by Google Ventures Senior Operating Partner Ken Norton. Norton’s essay How to Hire a Product Manager cemented him as an authority in the product management industry and remains a go-to text to this day. Not only is Bringing the Donuts one of the best product management blogs because of Norton’s thought leadership, the site also acts as a portal for product industry job opportunities.

The Department of Product

The Department of Product’s blog is keenly focused on pragmatic thinking and learning. Created by seasoned product professionals for other product professionals, The DOP provides articles, resources, and perspectives to help PMs keep up with today’s ever-evolving product management landscape.

Mind the Product

For those who want a glimpse into the international product management community, you won’t find a better resource than the Mind the Product blog. Here you’ll find a mix of product management thought leaderships, member discussions, and the latest in product news.

Sachin Rekhi

As an accomplished blogger and essayist (over 125 to be exact) on all things product management, Sachin Rekhi’s passion for the field is undeniable. Although his wisdom from over a decade as a Silicon Valley PM and founder is evident, Rekhi is humble about still learning himself. This makes his work uniquely refreshing to read. To get his essays in your inbox, make sure to sign up for his monthly newsletter.

Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah is a product creator and founder of multiple SaaS companies, including Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and Quick Sprout. He offers a variety of personal perspectives and advice on product development from a founder’s perspective and is a master of crowdsourcing original insights from his growing product community.

Roman Pichler

Product influencer and all-around rockstar Roman Pichler is what you might describe as a product pro’s product pro. Pichler is a household name in the world of product management, and his blog definitely puts its money where its mouth is. Packed with books, training, resources, and more, this blog is a must-bookmark.

Hacker Noon

The Hacker Noon blog and community is one of the fastest-growing in the product management industry. On top of original and informative articles on all things tech, you’ll get a generous helping of no-nonsense product management articles and development insights.


Elezea is a blog and newsletter that focuses on UX, product strategy, and design. It was started 10 years ago by product manager and author Rian van der Merwe as a way to keep up with the latest PM trends and best practices. Many of the reads here are quick, light-hearted, and punchy, with a relaxed tone similar to discussing product management over lunch with a friend.

Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG)

SVPG was founded by Marty Cagan, author of Inspired, a book often described as the bible of product management. This is among the best product management blogs that acts as a vehicle for Cagan and other industry heavyweights to share articles on a broad range of product-related topics. Perfect if you are interested in a first-hand point-of-view from a product industry insider.

Product Talk

Product Talk is written by product development coach Teresa Torres. Torres focuses on data-informed decision making throughout the product development process, including techniques for driving business and streamlining experimentation. Packed with digestible articles, thorough infographics and analytical problem solving, Product Talk is an asset for founders, UX designers, and product managers alike.

The Clever PM

With a healthy blend of wit, humor, and industry insights, the Clever PM is as advertised. Supposedly written by an anonymous author, the author is now known to be renowned product management veteran Cliff Gilley. Gilley explores everything from helpful do’s and don’ts for newbies to leadership strategies and organizational psychology. For product managers interested in content with a career-focus, the Clever PM is an important bookmark.

Inside Intercom

Although Intercom’s blog is generally revered for its excellent content, their product management resources are especially packed with insights. As authorities on communication, Intercom’s point-of-view is a fresh take on all things product, culture, and design-related.

Women in Product

As the title suggests, Women in Product’s mission is to empower and unite women working in the field of product management. Their blog provides unique perspectives and mentorship from female product leaders on how women can succeed in a largely male field.

Product Coalition

Product Coalition is not its own publication, per se, but a compilation of the best product management blog posts from across Medium. Curated by product specialist Jay Stansell, Product Coalition is perfect for those who want to keep learning but don’t have the time to keep up with multiple blogs and newsletters.

Product Manager HQ

Product Manager HQ runs the world’s largest online PM Slack community. Apart from regular AMAs with product leaders and  articles from staff writers and industry pros, PMHQ offers a product management fundamentals course and a job portal featuring opportunities from across the United States.

Product Collective

Clocking in at a 20,000+ members strong, Product Collective is another beast of a product management community. Articles found on Product Collective cover the spectrum of current issues facing product professionals today. Regularly tackling debated topics like MVP and strategic planning best practices, Product Collective aims to help PMs not only thrive but continuously broaden their management horizons.

The Product Guy

The Product Guy is written by award-winning product management veteran and startup founder Jeremy Horn. With roughly two decades of experience leading product teams and holding various advisory and executive positions, Horn’s comprehensive industry knowledge is as wide-ranging as it is enlightening. In addition to The Product Guy, Horn also organizes The Product Group, the largest product management meetup in the world.

Product School

Product School offers a Product Management training program and certification. Its blog is an outstanding resource for educating newcomers in the product management field. Eye-opening for those who’d like to get a feel for the product management waters before deciding to dive in.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the top website for letting “users share and discover new products every day” Running the gamut of everything from helpful tips and industry news to interviews with rising stars and industry behemoths alike, Product Hunt is dedicated to keeping its readership well-informed on the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.