5 Fashionable Winter Accessories To Flaunt This Winter

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Winter Accessories

The season that makes you think of your outfit a million times before stepping out of the house, a season that leaves you all wet if you happen to forget your umbrella, has finally departed; making way for a dry, cozy and pleasant season to settle in.  It is that time of the year when you can flaunt your sassy fashionable outfits to the fullest without worrying about soaking in sweat or getting drenched in the rain. Winter, for this reason, is the best season out of all to wear absolutely anything you love, unless you are planning to go for very less garments to wear. In that case, let the god of winds be with you! Anything you wear in winter looks good, however to accentuate your outfit, you can make use of some winter accessories.

Do your winter right by getting your hands on some of the gorgeous winter accessories that will not just make you look fashionable but will also keep you warm.


Winter Accessories
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Beanies are the cutest accessory. Take Priyanka Chopra from the movie Anjana Anjani, Sonam Kapoor from Khoobsurat, or Anushka Sharma in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, they all have look adorably stunning with a beanie on their heads. You can wear a beanie during a night walk or even when you step out for work early in the morning.


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Although some of us wear scarves throughout the year to protect ourselves from the sun and pollution, scarves go best with woollen jackets, gloves, boots and a beanie. The variety of scarves make an outfit look even more cool and fashionable. You can put on a different scarf everyday to suit your different outfits.


You can literally pick any out of the many types of socks that best suit your personality. Mustang socks offer a variety right from formal to quirky ones. Socks have always been the best accessory to keep the feet warm. Make sure to wear bright coloured socks over your outfit. Ankle length socks are in trend and look really good on ankle-length pants.


Winter Accessories
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Want to leave your hair open but also don’t want them to bother you during work? Headbands are the perfect way to have both your requirements covered. Headbands cover your ears thereby keeping you from feeling cold. Choose any colour you like and put it on!


Winter Accessories
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If you love designs and anything ethic, a pashmina makes conquer your heart. You can definitely wear them on ethic dresses and also cover your neck when wearing casual denim. Though they look very delicate, they provide good warmth. Pashminas are all the more great to wear for dinners at classy places.

Winter accessories are not just fashionable but are also cute. Apart from the above-mentioned accessories, there are many other winter accessories that you can wear which include hand gloves, neck gaiter, shawls, hats, and fingerless gloves. Which one is your favorite pick?