iGrow Creating a Brand-new Industry by Bringing Gardens and Farms Indoors

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iGrow has introduced a series of products including the iGrow intelligent hydroponics garden system, thus enabling people in cities to plant flowers, fruits and vegetables indoors in a simple, convenient, and sanitary way. From the seed germination to the blossom period, people only need to supply water and nutrient solution at most twice a month, with no extra work or expertise necessary.

The magic of iGrow lies in its original semi-aerosol cultivation techniques and the LED planting lighting system, combining all elements that plants need such as light, water and air. The whole system ensures sound growth of plants by its automatic control system and means plants and vegetables can be grown even in a cold winter.

As early as in 2014, when iGrow was founded, it put forward the concept of agriculture 4.0. “Agriculture 4.0 represents total subversion and sublimation of traditional agriculture,” said Lennon Tsai, founder of iGrow. “In China, iGrow has developed a collection of indoor agricultural products, from the micro indoor planting equipment represented by automatic plant-growingmachines and the garden-like office environments created by embedded planting systems, to the air farm built by the smart DFT (Deep Flowing Technique) planting system. iGrow is dedicated to pursuing a truly smart planting system that covers all variety of species of plants.”

In Tsai’s view, this is quite typical of agriculture 4.0, which represents a perfect combination between internet and agriculture. For the very first time, it brings the beauty of nature indoors, even into the environments we live and work.

iGrow has extended its business to more than 20 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. InNovember 2015, the company gained its first financing worth tens of millions of RMB little more than a year after its foundation and is scheduled to start its second round of financing in mid 2016.

“Now we still have a number of new ideas in the making,” said Tsai, “because we are fully aware that the point is how to make our product unique. We already have a great selection of products, so together with our agents, we can create the products consumers prefer. We have already laid out a marketing network throughout the world, with top priority given to the American market this year.”

Indeed, according to National Gardening Association statistics, over 70% of American households will still spend time or money taking care of their gardens in 2017, with the gardening industry estimated to grow by 4%.

“Totally different from other gardening companies, we hope to provide people with simple yet smart products with great planting effects,” said Tsai.

iGrow in Las Vegas

iGrow will be participating in the Hardware Tools and Gardening Exhibition in Las Vegas from May 4-6. Anyone interested in learning more about iGrow is invited to visit its booth at Central hall 1007.