A Guide to the Best Women’s Accessories to Get Your Style Game Sorted

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What a relief it must have been to be able to slip back into your favourite white sneakers, adorn your most prized chandelier earrings, and knee-high boots after several months of quarantine. You must be yearning to head to a date night or a beach vacation; all dressed in accessories you had purchased before the virus struck. After many months in isolation, the time has finally come to rediscover your style with the best women’s accessories in the market.

Women should own the latest accessories that are most true to their personality. While a true minimalist will gravitate towards dainty jewellery and compact handbags, a maximalist will choose to stack up on chunky necklaces and bedazzled purses.

To help you get upto speed with trends, we have curated a list of ten best women’s accessories that will instantly elevate your outfits and fall into sync with your taste.

What Makes Accessories so Important?

Your sense of personal style is truly reflected in the accessories you choose to purchase. Here are a few reasons why they can drastically change the impact of an outfit:

  1. Fashion accessories make you look put together. Tucking a shirt into a high-waisted pair of jeans would feel incomplete if a belt is not thrown into the mix. Similarly, wearing a potli bag with a leather bike jacket would look very odd, don’t you think?
  2. Accessories give you room to create multiple looks. You can dress up in the day in a skater dress and sneakers or style a bodycon dress and keep accessories such as earrings and handbags a constant. 
  3. The best women’s accessories allow you to communicate how you are feeling. If you are going all out with unique patterns and prints, it means you are dressed for a special occasion. Similarly, opting for muted tones could mean you are feeling slightly under the weather.