Apple Recalls AC Power Adapters Sold Outside the US

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Apple Recalls AC Power Adapters Sold Outside the US

Apple is recalling some AC power adapters that it sold for use in continental Europe, South Korea and several other countries outside the United States, after concluding that the two-pronged wall plugs may break and cause an electric shock.

The company said it’s aware of 12 “incidents” of malfunctioning adapters that were shipped with Mac computers and some iPhones and iPads between 2003 and 2015, although it didn’t offer details. Some plugs affected by the recall were sold as part of Apple’s World Travel Adapter Kit.

The announcement comes a week after Microsoft announced its own voluntary recall of certain power cords sold with Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and some Surface Pro 3 computers before March 15, 2015.

Apple recalls are relatively rare, but the company last summer announced a recall of Beats Pill XL audio speakers, citing a concern that batteries might overheat and cause a fire.

Apple has also warned in the past about safety hazards associated with power adapters made by unauthorized “third-party” manufacturers. For several months in 2013, it offered to sell a new USB adapter at a discounted price of $10 to any customer who turned in an old one.

The current recall also involves adapters designed for use in Argentina, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, but not in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Hong Kong or Japan. Apple hasposted details here.

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