Are You Entrepreneur Material?

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So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to start and run a business?  If so, you might want to take this entrepreneurial quotient quiz,

The quiz is a fun way to see if you have common traits and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

It is by Jon Gillespie-Brown, who also is the author of the associated blog and book entitled So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur.  He has promised that book sale proceeds would benefit the Grameen Foundation, a micro-loan organization that helps entrepreneurs in poverty-stricken countries.

I have participated in the Grameen micro-loan program and am inspired by the magnitude of accomplishments one person can do with $800 or $900. “It takes a village” is never more true than what these women can do with a few hundred dollars to feed not only their own children but also others within their village. Grameen’s mission is to combine the power of microfinance, technology and innovative solutions to defeat global poverty.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Jon and learn what had inspired him to create the quiz, write the book and also why he was giving the profits away.  

Q: What inspired you to write the book in the first place?

Jon Gillespie-Brown, Author, So You Want to Be an EntrepreneurJon Gillespie-Brown:  I was approached to write the book after my experiences as a mentor for the London Business School. I was prepared to take a chunk of time out of my busy life because I believe it is important to give something back to “the universe” on a regular basis. All my mentoring is free and I have mentored over 100 people now and the book is simply an extension of this cycle of “what goes around comes around.”

Q:  Tell us why you chose to write about becoming an entrepreneur.

Jon Gillespie-Brown:  I wanted to write something that did not already exist today and also to provide a backbone for those I mentor, as many were considering being an entrepreneur but had no real process to decide how. I formalized seven years of mentoring into the book with forms and quizzes to help people through the process.

What I have found repeatedly is that people start a business or have an idea without considering their personal lives in the process. They would separate these two thought processes and never try and align them — it’s human nature to get excited about a new idea. However, if you don’t align your business with your personal life vision, somewhere down the line you will wish you had chosen an idea to serve you rather than the other way around.

Business is very tough, without the passion and the drive (due to the lack of planning) many people give up — hence the increased risk of failure!

Q:  What is the most important thing you hope readers will learn?

Jon Gillespie-Brown:  The most important thing they will learn is to align your personal life vision with that of your business so that your business delivers on your dreams and not the other way around!

Q:  Tell us about your interest in the Grameen Foundation.

Jon Gillespie-Brown:  My wife and I already support many charities and we wanted to support something deep and meaningful with an entrepreneurial spin — we looked at many opportunities but settled on the Grameen Foundation. We were very impressed with their track record and also the vast number of people they help.

Thanks, Jon for your time and for providing a book for those considering the entrepreneurial path.  Take the quiz to see if you have what it takes.