Best bug and bird muck cleaners 2017

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Which bug and bird muck cleaner spray is best for shifting dead insects from bodywork and glass?

Just about everyone likes the arrival of summer, with its warm weather and long sunny days. Less welcome are the bugs that smear screens and bodywork on pretty much every drive.

Leave them for a few days and they’re beyond shifting with a quick wipe of a wet cloth. Car care producers have a range of solutions to loosen the dead insects’ grip on paintwork and glass, but which is the one to keep your car shining this summer? We attacked bug-smeared grilles, bumpers and mirrors with 10 top sellers to see.

How we tested them

We refined our test this year to focus on how effective the formulas were without the help of pressure washers or cloths. Included in our series of tests were some following the makers’ instructions with limited wiping, and others allowing the required soak time and then gently rinsing with a hose. We rated ease of use and factored in makers’ and online prices, although the emphasis was on cleaning power.


All results were very close but Angelwax takes the win after topping the cleaning tests. Outgoing champion Simoniz has to settle for a close second in the revised test with its latest bug cleaner. Those on a tight budget should look no further than CarPlan’s Demon Machine.