Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

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Thanks to today’s technology, the entire world is easily accessible. Not just that — it’s right at our fingertips. It empowers us, it unites us, and it informs us.

It’s why so many businesses work tirelessly to establish an online presence through the use of digital marketing (often with the standard websites, blogs, and social media outlets).

But there’s something else more and more businesses are starting to use: mobile apps.

Fifteen years ago, the idea of potential and current customers interacting with a business through a few taps and clicks on a cell phone’s screen would have been considered outrageous. Today, in a world where people are glued to their mobile devices, it’s not such a bad idea. In fact, it could be that final factor that pushes an individual to choose your business over the guys across the street.

Here’s why you should definitely consider designing a mobile app for your business.

You’ll Be There for Your Customers Whenever They Need You

We spend a lot of time near computers, whether we’re in the office or relaxing at home. But what do we turn to when we want to stay connected, but can’t take the computer with us? Mobile technology, of course! It’s the easiest way to stay online, no matter where we go. Now imagine that your customers could get in touch with your business — or utilize its services — while on the go. How convenient is that? In addition, customer service is just a tap away, day or night.

Your Business Looks Better Than the Competition

If  your business has a mobile app and the competition doesn’t, you’re going to get noticed for it. If potential customers are trying to decide between your business and Joe’s down the street, you can bet they’re going to look at all factors. The convenience of a mobile app could very well help them make that final decision. Too bad Joe’s didn’t think of it first (but you can bet they’ll get there).

Your Customers Really Want You To Have One

Believe it or not, they do. Your customers are in love with their phones, and they’re already used to using apps for almost everything. They have apps for listening to music, watching videos, messaging friends who live in other countries, and even buying coffee. Chris Rowe, CEO of digital marketing firm JetDM asks, “Shouldn’t they have your app, too? Digital marketing for the win.”

It’s a Great Way to Promote Your Organization

Think of a mobile app as a mini advertising billboard. It’s cute, colorful, and creative. It’s also simple, easy to understand, and straight to the point. Of course, it’s a little fancier than that. It should function like your website, highlighting your products and services so your customers know exactly what they’re looking for. You’re basically saying, “Hey! Look at everything we allow you to do with one tap of your thumb! Look how easy it is to find what we have to offer!” Sound a little proud? You’re allowed to be. A good mobile app gives you some bragging rights.

You’ll Gradually Increase Customer Loyalty

In the business world, customer loyalty is huge. In fact, it’s everything. If your customers decide they want to look elsewhere for the kind of business you’re offering, you’re done for. But satisfying their needs by offering fast and reliable support (which your mobile app can help you do) will keep them coming back to you again and again. Make sure you earn it — use your mobile app to offer special discounts and coupons as a small way of thanking your customers for their continued loyalty.

It Helps You Reach a Larger Audience

Some people prefer their computers. Others hate remaining stationary. They’re always on the go. Some of them won’t ever hear about your business because they just don’t have the time or the patience to browse. In this way, mobile apps appeal to people in ways a traditional computer simply can’t. That’s the beauty. You can develop a persona for your business that will appeal to a larger number of people. The younger generation, for instance, may see a billboard about a business and think nothing of it. If they run across a trendy and functional mobile app for the same business, however, they’ll start to remember you.

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