Fashion – 6 Essential Fashion Accessories Every Woman Should Own

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Fashion is not just about wearing the right kind of clothes, but a closet with a solid foundation of accessories will make it easier for you to look timeless classic and stylish. Fashion defines a person. It is all about creating your own distinctive style which will enhance your personality, depict your attitude and will make you confident. Your wardrobe is incomplete without reasonable fashion accessories, comfortable footwear and stylish clothing. A fashion accessory has become an important part of your daily life. If you want to look chic and up-to-the-minute, wear an accessory with your clothes to magnify your look on every occasion. They are as imperative as your outfit.

As we say, fashion keeps changing with the latest trend and weather conditions, but there are few wardrobe essentials that never go out of fashion. An accessory changes the overall look of your attire by adding color, layers and themes. The best part is a few desired staple can be worn as many times you want. If you want to transform your overall look of a casual outfit with a stylish one. Here is a list of accessories which will ace your panache game and give you a million-dollar look.


A bag is an amazing accessory; this is one thing a woman can’t leave her home without. It not only makes a fashion statement, but it’s also very useful. Like any other accessory it can be flaunted in all shape, sizes and color. A wardrobe is incomplete without a tote bag, which is available in leather, jute and sturdy cloth etc. It can accommodate anything from your mobile phone to a pair of shoe or a dress. They are very functional and irresistible.


A white sneaker is the most popular and a must have in everyone’s closet. They sync with every color impeccably. Today, the white sneakers have found a position in all kinds of shop from a local store to a designer one. In the last couple of years, they have become timeless classic, trending and a piece of accessory which can never go wrong. One can pair them with a maxi or knee length dress, jeans, tights, long or short skirt, kurta – it’s a versatile essential accessory that can be worn any time.


A cool pair of sunglass are very much part of fashion and charm. Always buy a frame which suits your face and doesn’t look overboard (although big sunglasses are always in fashion, but should not look out of place). It is an essential accessory which peps up your “Oomph factor” but also prevents your eyes from the damaging effect of the sun. You can opt for an aviator or a big frame or designer ones, the all look so trendy and stylish.


Jewelry is considered as our everyday essential. For me jewelry is a distinctive, brighter and bold way to reveal a person’s personality and attitude. One can find infinite style and various options. It is an essential symbol of artistic and traditional fashion statement. Large neck pieces, silver bangles, big hoops, nose ring add a lot of drama and panache.


Most important accessories humbly add a character to your outfit. Buy some good belts from thin to broad and wear them frequently. They are great for fixing your stomach, pushing your belly inside and giving you an hourglass shape. A belt can be worn along with your trousers, jeans, over your dress or tunics for an entirely changed look.


A scarf is a fashion accessory and can be worn in a variety of ways. A scarf perfectly complements any outfit and are available in multiple designs and style. It can make a dull outfit – vibrant or a loud outfit – subtle. It adds drama and color to your clothes. One can add a tassel to their regular scarf or wear like a headband, or simply roll it around your neck. It protect you from harsh rays of sun as well.