Gardening: What Makes A Good Holiday Container Garden?

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If you enjoy gardening, you can design your own container garden as a way to add some color and pizzazz to your home for the holidays.

Tips on Making a Holiday Container Garden

Unless you are designing a container garden for your own personal amusement and appreciation, you are going to want some color and levity in your garden to welcome people into your home. You can go with any colors you want, but for the holidays, red always seems to do well. You can accomplish this with winterberries or even bare dogwood, which has a reddish-yellow bark.

Getting green into the mix should be relatively easy since leaves and pines are usually green. To get the most color, plant and care for live plants, which will keep that vibrant green color. You can also blend in different types of plants for a variety of shades. Juniper can give off a very light green color while monterey and false cypress will give you a darker green.

Other ways to bring in color include mixing some fruits in with your container garden. Oranges and green apples will give you the brightest, most eye-catching colors, while your winterberries will grow along with your garden and attract birds. Also, consider the container itself. Instead of an ordinary clay pot, paint it with some attractive designs or buy a brightly colored container.

Finally, to give your container garden some smells and texture, you can gather dry plant material and put that on the edges of the garden. These can be pinecones or dried flowers but you can use your own creativity and even incorporate dried items you find around your home.

Top – Coleus. Bottom L – Rex Begonia. Bottom R – Begonia.

Holiday Gardening Classes

To help with your holiday arts and crafts, Garden Supply Co. in Cary on Old Apex Road is holding classes throughout December.

Wreath-Making Classes: Sunday, December 2 at 2 PM; Thursday, December 6 at 5:30 PM; Saturday, December 8 at 2 PM

Holiday Centerpiece Class: Sunday, December 9 at 2 PM

The store also holds Sip and Shop events to sample wine while looking for gardening gifts for the holidays. These take place on Thursday, November 29 and Thursday, December 6 at 5:30 PM.

Garden Supply Co. is located at 1421 Old Apex Rd. in Cary.