‘Great lifestyle’ campaign launched to attract nurses to Wales

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The ‘Train/Work/Live in Wales’ international campaign will target newly qualified and experienced registered nurses, as well as those who may be considering returning to the profession.

The campaign is supported by a special website, and features a single telephone point of contact. The website, which includes a high production quality videos of the Welsh countryside as well as NHS staff at work, tells prospective recruits: “You choose a diverse country that will give you a great lifestyle as you take the next step in your career.”

Launching the campaign, Welsh health secretary Vaughan Gething said: “In Wales, we are committed to investing in supporting the training and development of nurses, midwives and other professionals working in our NHS. We can offer flexible working arrangements and support for nurses, and we are the first country in Europe to introduce a nurse staffing levels law.

“Wales is a great place to train, work and live; we value the professional judgement of nurses and we want to get that message out to attract more nurses to come experience what we have to offer.”

The health secretary also announced that NHS Bursaries for student nurses, midwives and allied health professionals will continue to be available in Wales in 2018/19.

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