Here’s Why Indians are More Prone to Lifestyle Diseases like Diabetes

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Indians are predisposed to certain lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and now even obesity. Think about it and you will realize that just in your extended family you will know people who suffer from these conditions. These lifestyle diseases are a result of bad eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle where there is less physical activity and high-fat food consumed on a regular basis. And with more consumption of alcohol than ever, it has become a bigger health issue and more and more youngsters are falling prey to these conditions in their 20s and 30s. Not just youngsters, according to reports, there is a rise in childhood obesity as well and one in nine children is found to be overweight or obese. This means, the problem begins at an early age and if not controlled, it leads to an unhealthy life in adulthood. Here are a few reasons why Indians are more prone to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity. (ALSO SEE Diabetes and high BP major causes of deaths in Delhi)

High salt intake

One of the key problems in our diet is that it is high in salt and oil. As almost all cooked dishes have these two ingredients, it means we tend to consume more salt than required. And if you are used to eating food with excess salt, you will find low-salt food bland unless you add more salt to it. Cut your salt intake to reduce your risk of hypertension.

Unhealthy snacking

Most people have tea and snacks in the evening and most of the times, it is fried food or high-fat dishes. Snacking on these every day makes one more susceptible to lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. In order to keep them at bay, it is important that you switch to healthy alternatives like fruits, seeds, nuts and other such snacks. (ALSO SEE Home remedies to control diabetes)

Lack of exercise

Not exercising regularly and eating unhealthy only means that you are accumulating more fat in your body. Indians, because of their genetic makeup have a tendency to store fat around their belly and waist and not working out means you are only making yourself more prone to these diseases as too much fat can raise your blood pressure and also lead to other ailments.

Not eating right since childhood

With more and more Indian parents working and the availability of packaged foods in the market, kids are eating unhealthy right from a young age. They also aren’t as physically active as the previous generation which puts them at a health risk early. This is another reason why Indians are falling prey to these lifestyle diseases early on in life. (ALSO SEE Yoga poses to lower high BP)

Erratic eating pattern

When one does not eat food at the right time, their body soon gives up and leads to problems like eating disorders, acidity, low blood pressure and more. You need to eat at the right time every day without long gaps between meals. Due to stress and work pressure, many people skip breakfast or lunch and eat at odd hours and that puts them at risk again.