Hot Young Marketers: Arvind Lifestyle’s Vijay prakash

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Hot Young Marketers: Arvind Lifestyle's Vijay prakash

Along with leading the marketing activities at Unlimited, one of the fastest growing brands in Arvind’s portfolio that includes Arrow and Flying Machine, Prakash also looks after the brand’s visual merchandising function. On a busy morning, you will find him talking to his agency partners. He’ll skip his morning cuppa but never give this task a miss. His calls are usually about the things he has observed during his commute, social media browsing, and quick chats within his team. It all helps to understand his audience better and then deliver messages they would like to receive and not skip in under five seconds.
Like any good marketer, Prakash is always curious to know what his consumers are saying about his brand, and admits he binges on ‘insights’. Someone once told him, “Marketing is all intuition. Numbers and research don’t play a big role in marketing decision making.” He still laughs at that statement. “The best part of being a marketer is the opportunity to observe, interact, design for and communicate with consumers. I believe being empathetic to consumers, and understanding the reasons and causes that move them, are critical in being a good consumer marketer,” he says.
Prakash strongly believes, “you are only as good as the people you work with.” When he needs the inspiration to do better, he looks at the things he worked on during his days at Asian Paints, and if that’s not enough he looks at what brands like Ikea, Tanishq, Nike and Mondelez are up to. According to Prakash, the one brand that has changed the rules of brand communication within its category is Nike. “The “Da Da Ding” campaign for India and more recently the global campaign with Colin Kaepernick, “it took strong societal and cultural stands that became the reason for consumers to connect with the brand,” he adds.