Make the perfect chhole with these easy tips

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Who doesn’t love chhole bhature or chhole chawal? The North Indian dish is popular for its blend of spices, aroma and distinct flavour. So if you have plan to cook the authentic chhole or chickpeas curry recipe, here is a ready reckoner that will help you in perfecting your dish every time and make it a wok full of goodness.

Check out the tips below:

*Soak the required amount of chhole in a vessel with enough water to cover them, preferably overnight.

*If you are looking for that brown/dark colour, ensure you put two tea bags while cooking/boiling the chickpeas in cooker. You can add more tea bags for a deeper colour. Don’t worry, they don’t hamper the taste of chhole in anyway. You can use dried amla for that tangy taste.

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*Chhole masala powder is a must for this recipe. If you don’t have store bought masala, you can make your own from scratch. Here’s what you need.

1tbsp – Coriander seeds
1tsp – Fennel seeds or saunf
1 no – Black cardamom
1tsp – Cumin or jeera
3 no – Green cardamom
1 no – Bay leaf
4 no – Cloves
1 inch – Cardamom
8 no – Peppercorn

Dry roast all these spices and blend them together. Add half a teaspoon of anardana.

*Begin by first cooking the tomatoes and onions. Once they are properly cooked, put the chickpeas with the spices on low flame until it blends. This would enhance the taste.

*Chhole masala actually tastes better after a day. The spices are better incorporated into the chickpeas.

*Crushed kasuri methi and half a teaspoon of amchur powder enhance the taste of the dish manifold. Add them towards the end.

*Chhole can be stored in the freezer in an airtight container after they have cooled down.

*You can use the same gravy for other legumes like moong beans, lobia beans or rajma.

*In case you forget to soak the chickpeas overnight, soak them in hot water for 3-4 hours.

*According to your preference, you can adjust the amount of water to make the gravy think or thin.

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