Microsoft Says the MacBook Air as Useful as a ‘Hat for Your Cat’

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Microsoft Says the MacBook Air as Useful as a 'Hat for Your Cat'


  • Microsoft has pushed out a new Surface Pro 4 commercial
  • The company fires at Apple for its ‘less useful’ MacBook Air
  • Microsoft recently compared Surface Pro 4 with iPad Pro

Microsoft has been pushing out commercials about how its Surface laptop-tablet hybrids are ‘better’ than Apple’s MacBook laptops in different ways. This time again Microsoft has reignited the war between its Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s MacBook Air with a new commercial. The advertisement is a musical comparison between Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s MacBook Air.

The Redmond giant in its ad identifies MacBook Air”slower, heavier, and a bit square”. The company also points out that MacBook Air doesn’t have a detachable keyboard, pen, or a touchscreen, making it “less useful, like a hat for your cat”.

Since its launch, Microsoft has been touting that Surface tablets are more powerful than Apple iPad tablets and MacBook laptops. Earlier this month, Microsoft released a commercial bashing iPad Pro in a conversation held between Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.



As the school season is almost to start, Microsoft wants more students to switch to Surface for its features that are claimed to be better than Apple devices by the company. As we mentioned, the company is pointing to the benefits of a detachable keyboard and a stylus on the Surface Pro 4. Interestingly, Apple also recently emphasised that its iPad Pro can be used as a ‘computer’ with its Apple Pencil stylus and a detachable keyboard.

Microsoft’s first laptop, the Surface Book, features a touchscreen and a flexible hinge that allows users to flip the display 180 degrees. The company on its Instagram account just teased a new hinge design, anticipated to be seen on the Surface Book 2.

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