Microsoft wants to make the stylus cool again with Windows Ink

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No company has tried to make the stylus the Next Big Thing as much as Microsoft, and it’s pushing harder than ever with the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

And though it’ll be a little while before the features arrive for beta testers through Microsoft’s Insider program – let alone general Windows customers, who will get the update this summer – I was able to get a brief hands on with the new features atBuild 2016.

Making digital ink accessible

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You might’ve been surprised by the focus on ink during Microsoft’s keynote presentation; after all, who truly uses styluses anymore?

Lest the above make you think I’m a stylus hater (not to mention the title of this post), I’m about as far from that as it gets. I’ve used some form of a tablet PC since Vista. But it’s because I’m used to being the only person I know who regularly uses a stylus that I understand how difficult it is to convince mainstream users of its value.

For many people buying a Surface, the Pen is just a cool feature to have that they rarely use – there simply aren’t enough Windows apps that support it. You need a reason to use the stylus, and so far, unless you’re a designer or an artist, those are few and far between.

The upcoming Ink Workspace – which you can access from any app through either a quick click on your Pen’s eraser or a taskbar button – is meant to fix that.