Must Have Travel Apps and Tech for Your Devices

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If you’re hitting the road for business this summer, you’re going to want to arm yourself with some must have travel apps and tech for your devices.

That’s right, thanks to new and useful travel apps, as well as the latest tech for your devices, you can get more work done on the road than ever.

Must Have Travel Apps for Your Devices

Whether you’re planning your trip, packing your bags, arranging for local ground travel, or looking for a the best spots to eat, work out and shop, there’s an app to help.

Start Here …

If you’re looking for a few good apps to make travel simpler and easier, this earlier travel apps is a great place to start. Apps covered include:

  • TripIt: a free app that allows you to easily keep all of your travel information in one place;
  • FlightTrack: an app that keeps you up to date on every detail of your flights; and
  • Curb (formerly Taxi Magic): an app that lets you book a nearby taxi with just the tap of a button.

… then Check Out The Latest Travel Apps

When you’re traveling for business, use:

Hopper for Cheap Flights

When you work for a small business, getting the best price on a flight is pretty important. Hopper enables you to do just that by providing two important pieces of information: the best time for you to fly and the best time to buy the cheapest tickets for that flight.

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Roomlia and Hotel Tonight to Find Cheap Accommodations at the Last Minute

Both Roomlia and Hotel Tonight enable you to find and book accommodations within 7 days of your stay, making it much easier to plan affordable spur-of-the-moment business tips. Both apps offer travelers and hotels a win-win: travelers receive special discounts and hotels fill empty rooms.

PackPoint to Figure Out What You Need to Bring Along

Like a personal concierge, PackPoint will organize what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. Now that’s handy!

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LoungeBuddy to Find a Place to Work or Take a Breather While You Travel

Airport lounges are comfortable oases in the stress and frustration of business travel. While they used to be closed to the general public, many have recently opened their doors to those who wish to buy access.

That’s where LoungeBuddy comes in. The app helps you discover available lounges near you and then enables you to purchase access directly from their app.

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Uber to Find a Local Ride

Uber has grown into one of the leading apps for ground transportation. Whether you want a taxi, a limousine or some other mode of transportation, you can find and arrange all the details in minutes using this handy app.

TripLingo to Navigate a Foreign Culture

If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar country, then TripLingo is bound to become your new best friend. This versatile app offers a whole host of features including:

  • Over 2,000 phrases per language in 13 languages;
  • An instant voice translator in 19 languages;
  • An intelligent tip calculator & currency converter;
  • A “culture crash course” to get familiar with local customs and etiquette; and
  • A “Wi-Fi Dialer” that allows you to call any international phone number.

Localeur to Discover the Spots that Locals Love

Whether you’re looking for someplace to eat, work out or shop, Localeur will dish on the spots that the locals love most. Though it’s not in every city yet, this app can make travel to many major metro areas feel like you’ve never left home.

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HappyCow to Discover Vegetarian Dining Options

One of the most frustrating things about being a vegetarian is finding good food when you’re on the road.HappyCow aims to change that by providing a listing of the closest options no matter where you are.

Dude Where’s My Car to Find Your Car Quickly When You Return Home

It’s happened to all of us: you were in a hurry when you parked at the airport so you forgot to write down your car’s location.

You did look at the nearest pole for the location number, but you forgot it during your trip. You’ve become one of the “can’t find my car” zombies, wandering around aimlessly while pushing your key fob and listening for your horn.

Now you can avoid that fate by using the Dude Where’s My Car? app. Immediately get directions back to your parked car using the GPS in your phone and never wander the airport garage again.

Must Have Travel Tech for Your Devices

Back in the day, business travelers kept a close eye on their devices’ power level, strained their eyes trying to use small screens and shut their eyes in frustration when trying to get work done in noisy spots like airports.

Thanks to the latest must have travel tech however those days are long gone.

When you’re traveling for business, use:

Globalgig Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot to Stay Online

Sometimes the most frustrating part of business travel can be connecting your devices to the Internet. Well, if you’re traveling through the US, Europe, China or Northern Africa, that frustration is a thing of the past thanks to the Globalgig mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot.

A Travel Monitor for Collaboration and Presentations

While screen sizes have grown, certain types of professionals such as designers, presenters, video editors and photographers can’t always work on their smartphones, tablets or laptops. In addition, it’s hard to gather everyone around a laptop screen when you want to share information.

That’s why you might want to look into a travel monitor. Both lighter and smaller in size than the monster screens most of us have on our desktops these days, a portable monitor such as this one is the way to solve both of the issues above.

A Micro Projector for Making Larger-than-Life Presentations

If a monitor’s not your thing, or if you need to present to many people, then a portable projector like theKickstand Micro Projector from BEM Wireless is the way to go. Small and light, this projector would not look out of place in any boardroom.

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Surge Protection to Safeguard Your Devices, Add More Outlets to Your Room

Most of us use surge protectors religiously at home, yet seem to forget all about them when we travel. Unfortunately, power surges can happen anywhere and at any time so you need to be safe when you travel.

A good choice for the business traveler is Belkin’s 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector. With three electrical outlets and two USB outlets, you can charge all of your devices at once without a care about power surges.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones so You Can Focus on Work

Noise cancelling headphones are designed to reduce the amount of noise that you hear while wearing them. Even if you’re not listening to music or any other recording, these headphones will keep the surrounding noise from distracting you, making them the perfect tech to use when trying to work in a noisy place such as an airport.

There are many makes and models available – find your own set on Amazon before your next trip.

mophie’s powerstation duo to Charge Just About Any Device

If there’s one truth about business travel it’s this: one of your devices will run out of power at some point. That’s why you need a way to charge your devices on the road when outlets may not be available.

mophie’s powerstation duo is a great choice for charging on the go. It’s compatible with most modern devices, can charge small and large devices with ease and has a second port so you can play hero and share your charger with a friend in need.

If you could take one device with you when you travel, it should be this one.

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Extra Long Charging Cables

Have you ever plugged your phone in to a hotel outlet only to find that you can’t work where you want because the charger cable’s too short? This must have been a problem for many folks as there are tons of longer cords for sale at Amazon. Problem solved.


From planning through traveling, lodging, dining, doing business and coming home, this list of must have travel apps and tech for your devices covers the basics.

What must have travel apps and tech for your devices do you recommend?

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