Pinterest Conversion Tracking for Promoted Pins Unveiled

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Pinterest Conversion Tracking for Promoted Pins Unveiled

With any type of advertising, it’s important to have a method for measuring the actual results that you get out of your investment. That’s what Pinterest is trying to provide with its new conversion tracking feature for Promoted Pins.

The basic idea is that you can select a pin to promote, then choose a metric that you’d like to measure and add some code to your website so that you can access a report about the actual results of your campaign.

If you’ve never used Promoted Pins on Pinterest, the feature basically allows you to make certain pins more visible to others on the platform. You can choose keywords for your pins and even specify demographic information about the pinners you’d like to target with your campaign. So if you want more people to visit a website where you sell women’s clothing, you can add keywords like “fashion” and then target females in the U.S. — or whatever other geographic locations you want to target. And you can even select specific devices you want to target as well. So if you have a product or service that is more likely to be of interest to mobile customers or Android users, you can potentially benefit from those tools.

You can also set a daily budget for your campaign and a cost per engagement. So if your main goal is to get people to click over to your website, then you can pay per click. And if you want people to engage with your pins on Pinterest, you can pay for that engagement as well.

Pinterest Conversion Tracking

So with those goals in mind, you can now set up conversion tracking to measure exactly how effective your Promoted Pins are. To set up conversion tracking, you need to visit the Ads section of Pinterest and select conversion tracking. Then you can set up an objective to track with one of your promoted pins. You have the ability to track different types of engagements like website visits, check outs or sign ups, depending on what your goals are for your Promoted Pins campaign.

Once you’ve specified the pin, the type of engagement you want to track, and the time frame for your campaign, Pinterest will generate a small snippet of code that you can add to the site where you want to track this  engagement. This can be one particular page of your site or your entire website if you want to measure more general engagement.

So for example, if your goal is to increase sales for one particular product, you can set up a tag to measure page views or check outs on that one particular page. But if your goal is just to get more views or subscribers to your company’s blog, you can add the code to your website template using a page visits or sign up tag.

During or after your campaign, you can go back to that conversion tracking page and access reports about your conversions. Having the ability to access this data can allow you to better evaluate the success of your Pinterest Promote Pins campaigns. If you’re investing money into advertising your business, it makes good sense to constantly monitor what is working and what is bringing in real results. Then you can better understand and make decisions about how to market your business going forward.