The Portable Web: Computer In Your Pocket

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I was worried she wouldn’t give it back.  I was standing in an airport waiting for a seat on another overcrowded flight. A petite woman tapped me on my shoulder and asked to use my phone. She needed to tell her family about the delay. Without hesitation I said, “Yes,” and gave her my cell phone.

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But the second she had it in hand, I panicked in my mind. What if she just kept walking? What if she stole it? Are my passwords backed up? Are my passwords password protected? Why did I give her my computer — I mean phone — in the first place?

Our Smart Phones Can Do So Much 

We can check our bank accounts, read articles, and if the connection is strong enough, watch videos. I keep a few ebooks in there in case I’m in a line somewhere. I don’t even carry my camera consistently any more.

I keep coupon codes and my Starbucks card in that phone (love that little app). I bet I could build a website with my iPhone if I really had too. I’m justing saying the MacBook Air may have been the world’s thinnest computer (when it launched in 2008) but the smart phone is the world’s smallest.

It’s funny, as small business owners finally begin to realize how important their web presence is in general, there’s a new frontier (because there’s always a new frontier).

The Portable Web Keeps Getting Smaller 

In the 2011 Freelancer Fast 50, highlights the fastest growing online jobs of last year and requests for mobile phone related jobs was #1.  There was a 216% growth in those types of job requests.  Android related jobs was #5 (163.70% growth).  iPad related jobs was #8 (125.89% growth).  iPhone related jobs was #19 (81.66%).

As you seek to create a website that works as hard as you do, consider your impact on the smart phone. As for the woman from the airport — she gave the phone back.  As for me — I now back up more plus I make the phone calls for the person, because I can’t afford to loose that little computer (and I still want to be helpful).

As for you — is your company’s web presence portable enough? Does it play nice with smartphone?

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