Portland designer to debut 3D printed shoes

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PORTLAND, Ore. — Preps are underway for Portland’s fashion week happening this October.

The highlight of the runway this year may not be what the models are wearing on their bodies, but what they are wearing on their feet.

You may have heard about 3D printed shoes before. Some companies are already making them. They are shoes that are custom made for the buyer’s feet.

But now, for the first time, a designer collection of those shoes is hitting the runway. And it’s the work of a well-known Portland designer.

Project Runway winner Seth Aaron is well known for his eco-friendly fashion. And this year, he’s doing something he’s never done before. He’s launching the first ever designer collection of 3D printed shoes.

The line will debut at FashioNXT Week in Portland this October.

Aaron has partnered with San Diego company Feetz to make the shoes. Aaron designs them, Feetz will then 3D print them.

3D printers work by depositing material layer by layer until the product, in this case shoes, is finished.

“Now I get to take my fascinations with shoes and do it in the most state of the art capability possible,” said Aaron.

Aaron’s 3D printed shoe design is still top secret, although he admitted it will likely involve some sort of high heel or platform.

In addition to being stylish, the shoes will also be sustainable. All the shoes are made with recycled and recyclable materials using absolutely no water. And because they are custom made, there is no waste.

“It’s pretty amazing how it works,” said Aaron.

The Feetz company will be at this year’s FashioNXT show which runs Oct. 11-14.

Anyone who goes to see the show can purchase a pair of those 3D shoes on sight.

Feetz will scan their feet and ship out the high-tech designer shoes within a week or two.