My Queen Céline Dion Is Launching an Accessories Line

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Would you buy a handbag designed by Céline Dion?

The answer, of course, is yes. Yes, because she’s a delightfully kooky French Canadian woman styled by Law Roach. Yes, because you want to support her, even though you maybe don’t listen to her music, but you respect her game. WWD reports that on Tuesday, Dion unveiled the Céline Dion Collection at a press conference in Las Vegas, during which she cracked jokes and “occasionally” broke out into song.

The collection is comprised of about 200 pieces—totes and clutches and backpacks and such—inspired by “global fashion trends” and designed with a few people in mind, including the “business woman”—a concept that I would very much like to see interpreted by Céline Dion. Each bag will feature the sound wave of Dion’s voice on the interior, which is more of a flex than any other designer logo I can think of.

The collection will be exclusively available at Nordstrom. Prices start at $58 and go up to about $478 for luggage, Fashionista reports, which is frankly a bargain for owning whatever Céline Dion’s interpretation of a business woman’s work bag is. Speaking to WWD about why a collection of handbags and why now, Dion said “ There was so much going on in my whole career all the time and it feels to me that at this time of my life I can step forward and if I’m given the opportunity, it’s now or never and I decided it was a great opportunity.”

The accessory collection is a baby step towards eventual lifestyle brand domination. Dion hopes to get into jewelry, clothing and shoes for women and children. But first, handbags.