How to Start Advertising on Twitter for Only $50

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How to Start Advertising on Twitter for Only $50

Want to advertise on Twitter but not sure where to start? Especially if you have an advertising budget of $50 or less, it’s important to know how to best utilize those dollars so that you’ll get the best possible results for your business.

Twitter offers a variety of different advertising options for all different types of businesses. To learn about making the most out of your Twitter ad budget, check out the tips below.

The Cheap Way to Start Advertising on Twitter

Choose your objectives

The most important thing you need to decide on before you start advertising on Twitter is what you hope to accomplish with your ads. When advertising on Twitter, you set your own budget and then you pay a set amount each time your objective is met. So if you want to gain Twitter followers, you would set your budget and create a Twitter followers campaign. Then each time that campaign helps you gain new followers, your bid amount is taken out of your advertising budget. The bid amount varies based on the type of objective and how much you’re willing to pay. But Twitter lets you know what others are bidding for the same types of ads so that you can be competitive.

You can choose from objectives like gaining Twitter followers, growing engagement on Twitter, website clicks, website engagement and more. If you’re unsure about what type of campaign to go with, Twitter even has a tool that helps you make those decisions based on your business’s goals. To access it, go to “Create new campaign” from your Ads dashboard and select “Help me choose” from the drop down menu.

Select the right ad type

Once you have a goal in mind, you’ll need to tailor your ad to that goal. For example, if you want to gain Twitter followers so that you can get more potential customers into the early stages of your sales funnel, then you probably want to go with a sidebar ad that promotes your account in the “who to follow” section. But if you’re promoting something more specific, like a sale section of your website, then you could choose a Promoted Tweet ad instead.

There are also more specific options available like promoted trends for if you want to get people talking about your product or a certain subject and app installs if you’re promoting an application.

Narrow down your audience

Twitter also offers advertisers the ability to narrow down the audience for each ad campaign. You can select a relevant audience based on demographics like gender, location, language and device. But you can also use keyword targeting to get even more specific about who sees your ad.

For instance, if you’re a marketing consultant promoting your account, you might consider targeting those who have searched for words like “marketing,” “business” and “entrepreneurship,” or those who have interacted with Twitter content that included those words or phrases. If you only narrow your audience by gender and location, then you’re likely to reach a lot of people who simply aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

Choose your timing

Twitter also gives you the opportunity to select the timing of your campaigns. You can just have a campaign start immediately and run indefinitely. But if you’re promoting a seasonal offering, a sale or a launch, you probably want to consider the timing of your campaign carefully so that you’re not spending those precious advertising dollars on results that don’t really work toward your main goal or don’t match the content that you’ve decided to promote.

Highlight content that aligns with your goals

The actual content of your ad needs to align with your goals and your intended audience if you want it to be effective. So if you’re promoting a tweet, you need to carefully consider which tweet will best resonate to get the results that you want. Or you can craft a new tweet to best align with those goals and appeal to people on Twitter.

The actual content on your website matters too, if one of your goals is to get people to convert on your website. So if you’re paying for people to sign up for your newsletter, you need to make sure that your sign up form is displayed prominently and in a way that’s likely to appeal to your audience. A snappy headline, the offer of a freebie and a disclaimer about how you won’t spam those who sign up can go a long way.

Keep an eye on analytics

Once you decide on the right ad type, audience and time frame, you’re ready to launch your campaign. But your work isn’t done. Throughout your campaign, keep an eye on your analytics to determine whether or not the results you’re getting are worth the investment. You might also find it necessary to pause your campaign and make changes if you’re not seeing enough results.

Alternatively, you might consider trying out a few different types of ads so that you can compare the results. If you find that one is significantly more effective than the others for your particular needs, then you know where to focus your efforts going forward.