Steelbird Ares Helmet review

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The Steelbird Ares A1 helmet is priced at Rs 2,999
it’s far available across all Steelbird showrooms in India
It is available in a diffusion of colors and photographs
Steelbird helmets have been around for over 50 years in India. The organization recently got here up with their Ares A1 range of helmets and we had been given one for overview. here‘s the lowdown on the goodand no longer so proper about the Steelbird Ares A1 helmet.

layout and styling

The Steelbird Ares range is focused closer to the young people, so the designs and graphics areaccomplished as a result, and it seems quite first-rate. at the same time as some people like their helmets to be plain and put on simply one strong colour, i like mine to have more than one hues andvibrant images on it. the one we’re the use of is painted brightly in Black, White, Yellow and a piece of Orange; not handiest does it look desirable in snap shots and on television (ahem!) however also hasmore possibilities of being visible at night time or in low light situations. So the Ares A1 rangesincerely rankings well is that department.

(Steelbird Ares A1 helmet)
The visor too is tinted in a shade of gold which comes as a blessing whilst using inside the blazing sun. at the flip aspect, the tinted visor is also a problem, if you are driving after sundown. you could need toflip it up even as riding in the dark, and this means there may be hardly any respite from dirt and smoke.

Practicality, fit and finish

The Ares version that we’re reviewing is a modular helmet. A modular helmet makes experience, speciallyin case you are into long distance traveling, due to the fact one does now not want to take it offoccasionally. for instance, if you are stuck in strange surroundings and need to invite a person fordirections, you may just press a button and flip the chin piece up. it’s also a boon, in case you want to have a brief forestall and want to rehydrate; taking a short sip from a water bottle is straightforward,since you don’t need to take the helmet off.

The healthy and end of the helmet are not precisely up to the mark and could have felt a bit morestable. after all it has been deputed with the challenge of protective your gray remember and your face as well. The visor has been billed as scratch resistant however every day use will cause put on and tear (scratches in this example). standard, the surface of the helmet is smooth and is comfortable to put oneven for long commutes, despite the fact that the jaw piece might have been made slightly bigger.

protection and retention

right! even as we did no longer have an possibility to crash check the helmet (fortuitously), weabsolutely have a few feedback to make. personally, i’d rather move in for a complete-face helmetinstead of a modular or a 1/2-face helmet. The purpose being that in case of a crash, as a minimum the face is protected in its entirety. The structural rigidity in a modular helmet is compromised while thedecrease portion of your face does now not have any protection in any respect in case of a half of-face helmet. The shell used inside the Ares A1 series is made from highimpact polycarbonate-ABScombination. The helmet conforms to ISI requirements.

(Steelbird Ares A1 helmet)
The internal lining feels a bit flimsy and Steelbird may want to honestly have given a thicker padding.additionally, the liners are not removable and consequently can’t be washed. For retention, a ratchet mechanism is made use of and the chin strap can adjusted as well. there may be a locking mechanism for the visor which may additionally/won’t be useful. There are not any air vents as nicely, because of thissweating can be a trouble even as using in summers.


The Steelbird Ares A1 range has been priced at 2,999. some other 500 much less and it may were a killer deal. The helmets in this variety look cool and offer respectable sufficient protection for its price. The fitis comfortable and secure. long commuting rides ought to no longer be a trouble. The tinted visorthough limits visibility substantially after darkish so that reduces the practicality by means of a truthfulbit. The helmets from the Ares A1 variety are fashionable and will sit down nicely with the kids and will be a good companion on day by day commutes.