TECH’S APPEAL CES 2017 Unveiled shows off gadgets designed to help YOU become even more beautiful

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This strange looking gadget is called the iGrow and is designed to help you beat baldness

This strange looking gadget is called the iGrow and is designed to help you beat baldness

The past few shows have featured all manner of gadgets designed to make you healthier.

But this year, it seems the world’s most innovative firms have decided to appeal to our vanity.

Here are some of the strangest and most fascinating health and beauty innovations on show at CES 2017.


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Kerastase HairCoach



Dubbed as “the world’s first smart hairbrush”, Kerastase’s Hair Coach is what many would call one step too far for the connected home.

But those who genuinely worry about the quality of their locks will be happy to find the £160 smart brush can warn if you brush too hard and tell you how to get a healthy looking do in all weathers.

It uses a microphone to identify brushing patterns and transmits feedback to a mobile app about frizziness, dryness and split ends.

Connecting via Bluetooth or WiFi, it can also take into account weather conditions and humidity to give a hair score.



Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Don’t worry, the people behind the upcoming hair growth gadget Hairmax LaserBand 41 promise to help regrow hair on any thinning heads using lasers.

With 41 little lasers all helping to achieve increased density and healthier, fuller hair. the device is said to grow an average of 129 new hairs per square inch.

This, the firm says, is clinically proven to take just over six months when used three times a week or every other day for as little as 3 mins at a time.

But it doesn’t come cheap. The device costs £400.

Hi Mirror


Vanity has never been so innovative, and the Hi Mirror is a perfect example. The Hi Mirror is a standard mirror with a built in display that can be hidden at any time.

The mirror analyses the condition of your skin, giving you a score out of 100 dependent on the amount of dark spots, visible pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

By keeping a track on your daily complexion, and storing the data, it can tell you if new beauty products are having a positive effect or not.

It has built-in gesture control to avoid surface smudges as well as five different light settings to simulate different lighting conditions, so you can see what your skin looks like in different environments, for example, in a shopping centre vs outside.

But it’s not all about vanity, it’s also aimed at helping you to better understand your skin.



Anti-wrinkle or acne creams just not cutting it? The Iderma masque treatment gizmo looks to give you a techy alternative. Using 142 red and infrared LEDs, it stimulates collagen production in the face to fight the ageing process. There’s also different masques coming later this year; one to fight acne and one for hyper-pigmentation (such as sun spots aging discolouration). It’s planned for release this year with a £300 price tag.



If you’re a firm believer in beauty sleep, then the 2breathe monitor might be right up your alley.

It uses smart, connected technology to deliver the ancient wisdom of sleep-inducing breathing exercises in an easy and effective manner.

Transforming your breathing in real time, 2breathe uses tones that gradually guide you to prolonged exhalation and slow breathing.

2breathe is said to reduce neural sympathetic activity within minute, so the user begins to disassociate from both external and internal stimuli, and ease them into a relaxing sleep.

As they wake up, a session report will be ready, showing how long it took to fall asleep. The sleep aid is out in the US now with a retail price of $179.95.

UK release dates are to be confirmed.

Slim Massage Coach


The Slim Massage Coach is a small hand massage device that aims to fight cellulite with what it makers are calling “clinically proven efficiency”.

The tool requires the user to gently massage any area of their skin where they have cellulite.

It is connected to an app which analyses, in real time, the quality of your massage action so you can do a better job next time.

The gadget will retail for 80 Euros when it hits the market, although there’s no word yet when that might be.