Willits Garden Supply in new location

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Willits Garden Supply has moved to 1569 S. Main Street on the east side next to La Siciliana Italian restaurant. When asked what prompted the move, owner and operator Scott Stanton explained that “business has been good, and we needed more space to expand our inventory.”

His original store opened in June 2017, and the company did so well that expansion became necessary only 16 months after Willits Garden Supply opened its doors. Looking around, the new space is structured much like a hardware store with more storage in the back. Shelves display an abundance of gardening supplies and irrigation tools ready for use. The hallway towards the loading dock is stocked to the ceiling with containers, fertilizer, soil, and other amendments for happy plants.

Stanton has started to settle in, and is enjoying getting to know the new location. “This has always been a fun building,” he mentioned. “This used to be a skating rink. If you look in the back, you can still see the rink floor. Also, I heard that way back when this was a bowling alley.” Stanton is working on refurbishing a sign he found from the bowling alley era in this Willits stalwart.

Regarding sales,“right now, the luggage and packaging are very popular. I started carrying more options due to requests because I want to give the community what it wants.” New and popular inventory includes: luggage of all sizes and features, multiple packaging options, locking bags, vacuum sealers, embroidery options on bags and containers, Smart Pots ranging from one gallon to 1,000 gallons in stock, and a multitude of soil and soil amendments. Consistently, Willits Garden Supply offers tools for small and single purchase needs as well as large indoor and outdoor projects.

When asked about the secrets of his success, Stanton replied,”I had a plan for this place well before I opened the doors. I knew what people bought and would buy, I’m industry-friendly, I track my customer’s requests, and I make sure that I have what they need in stock and in one location.” Stanton plans on staying in this building for as long as it serves the needs of both the business and his customers. The space is still getting organized, but it is open for business daily from 8:50 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. For more information, call Stanton at (707) 456-9382 and visit WillitsGardenSupply.com.