Wow! Self-Making Bed Shows an Example of a Real-World Market Need

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Wow! Self-Making Bed Shows Provides a Real-World Market Need Example

If necessity is the mother of invention, Kickstarter is its playpen.

SMARTDUVET: the self-making bed, is a campaign that launched on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its $30,000 (Canadian) goal by almost $11,000 as of this posting.

A Real-World Market Need Example

If there is one thing Kickstarter has highlighted is, there is a market for almost every imaginable idea. This should encourage small businesses to always look at the market place and find a solution that solves a real need.

So how is a self-making bed going to solve a problem? According to the makers of the SMARTDUVET, everyone from busy professionals to teenagers and mobility challenged individuals can use it to make their bed. And they are probably right. SMARTDUVET is another time and effort saving device potentially a good fit for a world forever seeking better efficiency.

How Does the SMARTDUVET Self-Making Bed Work?

The company uses a patent pending inflatable sheet that is placed between your duvet and duvet cover. This is a thin breathable layer, when inflated, the air chambers place the duvet and sheets back in position. And because it is a SMARTDUVET, you can use your smartphone and the app that comes with it to set the time for when the bed will be made.

The box that houses the blower is made of resistant ABS plastic, which also contains the electronics board that connects the SMARTDUVET with your smartphone.

The SMARTDUVET is available to backers beginning at $199. But what’s more interesting then the product itself  is what it ca teach small business owners and entrepreneurs. Create a product or service that fills a compelling need — even a little one. The result may surprise you and delight your customers.

Images: Smartduvet