47 Premium Invoicing Solutions With and Without Free Trials

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47 Premium Invoicing Solutions With and Without Free Trials

Invoicing software is hugely important to small businesses. It’s the way to get paid and the more effortless the better so that as a small business owner you can focus on other things.

You’ve already seen 48 completely free invoicing software solutions. Now it’s time to examine 47 Premium Invoicing Solutions With and Without Free Trials below:

Select an Online Bill Generator from these Premium Invoicing Solutions

17 Hats is an all-in-one business system for entrepreneurs. It includes multiple tools including invoice templates, bookkeeping, contacts, contracts, project management, a calendar, time tracking, to-do lists, and more. Initially, it costs $299 for the two-year plan; however, existing users receive a $50 discount when they add another two years to their plan ($249 for two years) or choose to add five years to their existing plan for $499. All plans are identical. There is a 30-day money back guarantee on the initial plan. There is a 15-day free trial available as well.

1ClickBusiness is a cloud-based business management system. It helps businesses create proposals for clients. Once the proposal is accepted, it is easy to convert it to an invoice. The Standard package is $14.95/month and allows up to three users. The Professional package is $29.95/month and allows unlimited users. Both packages permit unlimited clients and products; however, the Professional package also allows unlimited services. There are five templates available with the Standard package and 11 templates available with the Professional package. There is a 30-day free trial.

Accelo Managing retainers and tracking ongoing services in real time is simple with Accelo’s easily replicable templates. The Plus plan is designed for growing teams and costs $19/month/user [$16/month/user when paid annually). Users can track their clients, contracts, emails and retainers. Time billing, invoicing, notes, tasks, a client portal as well as client signoffs and approvals. The Premium plan is $39/month/user [$34/month/user if paid annually]. The Premium plan includes everything in the Plus plan as well as automatic triggers and notifications, customized business processes and unlimited custom retain types. Accelo offers a free trial; however, the length of time is not listed. Individuals must request their free trial online or by calling the company.

Ballpark is an online invoicing service that believes the key component of any customer relationship revolves around communication. So, their dashboard tracks the back and forth dialogue between the user, the customer and the user’s team. Ballpark offers three plans. All three plans offer unlimited estimates, invoices, projects and time tracking, as well as the ability to accept PayPal and Stripe payments. The Solo plan (one user) is $13/month plus an extra 1.6 percent on Stripe payments. The Solo plan is the only plan that requires the additional 1.6 percent for Stripe payments. The Basic plan is $30/month (three users). The Team plan costs $60/month (10 users). There is a 14-day free trial.

BigTime.net specializes in being a complete management solution for service businesses. It goes beyond simply offering time and billing to provide workflow management including project costing, expense tracking, and budgeting. An official Intuit partner, BigTime.net offers complete integration with all versions of QuickBooks. This solution has strong reviews on multiple sites including Intuit and a 5-star review by CPA Practice Advisor.

Bill.com is both an online invoicing and collaborative work-space. It offers unlimited document storage. With Bill.com, users have the ability to share documents with co-workers and accountants. The Essentials plan is $19/month/user and includes the ability to choose from five standard user roles, payment support and positive pay. The Team plan is $29/month/user (everything in the Essentials plan plus custom user roles, cash forecast and management, syncs with QuickBooks, and Xero). The Corporate plan is $49/month/user (everything in Team plus custom approval limits, discounted ‘approver-only’ users). There is an Enterprise plan available; however, individuals have to call to inquire about pricing.

Users can pay vendors by check, ePayment (ACH) or PayPal with a single click. There is an additional charge for ACH payments ($0.49 each). Bill.com has apps for iOS and Android. There is a 30-day free trial period.

BillingOrchard offers one plan for $29.95/month with unlimited everything (users, clients, invoices, etc.). Online integrations with QuickBooks. The ability to accept credit cards (a flat rate of 2.9 percent and $0.29 per transaction) client portals, and more. There is a 15-day free trial, with no credit card required.

Billings Pro is a tool to help users create professional-looking, customizable templates for invoices and estimates, keep track of time, payments, and expenses from an iPhone, iPad or Mac. This app is designed with freelancers and small business owners in mind. With Billings Pro, entrepreneurs can spend more time doing what they love. Billings Pro allows users to create easy to read detailed estimates and recurring invoices that are automatically numbered. Users can keep track of time and expenses for numerous clients and projects. Billings Pro offers multi-currency support and is ideal for a single user or a team. The Freelance plan costs $5/month/user and includes unlimited projects and clients as well as five invoices, five estimates, and five statements. The Professional plan is $10/month/user [$8.25/month/user- $99/year/user, when paid annually] and provides users with unlimited everything. There is a 30-day free trial, with no credit card required.

BillQuick is a cloud-based time tracking, project management and billing software. There are two paid plans available. The Professional plan is $19.95/month/user, billed annually. The Professional plan allows 20 users, create invoices in batch mode, manage budgets and estimates. The Enterprise plan is $24.95/month/user, billed annually. The Enterprise plan includes everything in the Professional plan plus automatic payment receipts, transfers, deposits and more. BillQuick offers mobility with apps for Android, iPad, iPhone, windows and Mac. New customers receive a 15-day free trial, with no credit card required.

Blinksale which targets small businesses and creative professionals who want to send well-formatted invoices easily. Blinksale offers a single plan for $15/month. The plan includes unlimited everything; in addition, the plan integrates with Basecamp (which is a widely-used project management system). There is a free 15-day trial.

Cashboard is a financial time tracking service that lets users invoice, send estimates and accept payments online. Cashboard offers desktop widgets for Mac and Windows, as well as for the iPhone: This ensures users have mobility and are not tied to a computer to manage information. Cashboard offers three plans: Freelancer $8.25/month [$99/annually], Premium $15/month, Ultra $250/month. The Premium plan offers access to the user and one employee; however, users can add employees to this plan by paying another $5/month/user. It allows users to accept online credit card payments from clients using Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as clients’ PayPal accounts. Cashboard offers all visitors free invoice, estimate and timesheet templates. There is also an extendable 14-day free trial.

ClearBooks ClearBooks’ Together plan costs $10.61/month {£7.40/month} (on a two-year plan). This plan includes accounting data import tools, customizable user permissions, unlimited users, automated email reminders and invoice emailing, recurring invoices, quotes, invoice templates, quick pay invoices, project invoices, contact management, discounts on invoices, print invoices multi contacts for customers, customer statement login, and more. The Together+ plan costs $23.65/month {£16.50/month} (on a two-year plan) includes everything in the Together plan plus VAT capability. The Enterprise plan is designed for larger businesses. Individuals interested in the Enterprise plan must contact the company for a quote. ClearBooks offers a 30-day free trial on the Together and Together+ plans.

Coupa Software offers what they call a UNIFIED SPEND SUITE to manage invoicing, procurement, expenses, sourcing, inventory, contract management, budgeting, analytics, open business network, supplier information management and catalog management ERP system. There are no prices listed.

Digital Invoicing
Digital Invoicing offers a single plan that costs $28.67/month {£20/month} or $315.34/year {£220/year}. Users receive unlimited invoices, quotes, projects and customer records. Time tracking, recurring invoices, sales bookings, automatic back-ups, mileage and expenses, and can download to Excel or PDF. Digital Invoicing offers a 15-day free trial, with no credit card required.

Enliven Software is for the larger small businesses out there. It is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Peachtree, and QuickBooks and automates accounts receivable and accounts payable processes for vendors and for customers. The Lite plan is $19/month/user and offers unlimited document storage, client/vendor portals and merchant/bank integration. The Professional plan is $29/month/user and offers fully customizable workflow, enhanced reports, back up of all data and a free sub-domain. The Enterprise plan is $49/month/user and includes discounts for approval level users, email template customization, accrual reporting and Access to Fidesic Custom API. They offer a 30-day free trial for one organization, five users and 100 invoices.

Free Agent is an online accounting tool for small businesses. Beyond invoicing, users can track time, cash flow, and client estimates. There’s a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. After that, pricing is $12/month for the first six months, and then it increases to $24/month.

Fusebill – automated payment solutions, subscription billing, Fusebill provides users with the ability to accept payment via cash, credit cards, PayPal, ACH/EFT and checks. Fusebill offers a free-trial, to inquire about pricing, individuals have to contact the sales department [Enterprise $399+].

InniAccounts is a full online accounting solution, with invoicing tools, but meant to be an end-to-end solution. Users get software to use, but they also receive accountant services. InniAccounts offers three paid packages. The Compliance plan costs approximately $111.39/month {£77/month} this plan is designed for consultants and contractors who need assistance with accounts and returns. The Pro-Active plan costs $154.78/month {£107/month} it includes everything in the Compliance plan plus personal tax returns for two people, financial planning and proactive tax advice, company health checks every three months, and more. The Managed plan costs $212.74/month {£147/month}. This plan includes everything in the Pro-Active plan plus the services of a bookkeeper. InniAccounts does not charge users until they have completed start-up.

InvoiceDaddy is an online invoicing and payment tool designed for freelancers and small businesses. Users can accept online payments, create custom invoices that include their logo, send smart notifications using emails and create reports related to payments, taxes, and more. Plans start at $5/month. The $5/month plan allows one extra user, includes up to 25 invoices, 100 customers and provides users with the ability to accept online payments. No credit card is required to sign up for InvoiceDaddy’s 14-day free trial. There is no contract as this service is month-to-month.

Invoiceit! this software offers users more automation and fast navigation that allows users to return where they left off. Fewer clicks by saving product lists to use while writing out their invoices. Invoices and other documents created with Invoiceit! look exactly the way the user wants them to look. An Invoiceit!Lite user license costs $59.95. Users receive a PDF manual and limited support. The Single-User License with a support CD also costs $59.95. The support CD includes installation files, a quick-start manual, help files, promo videos and informative information related to writing invoices, selling products, and accepting credit card transactions. The Invoiceit! Pro Single-User License costs $99.95. This plan includes free email support for a year. Users can add on the support CD for an additional $10. The US county tax option is useful for those who are required to charge county tax: This service costs an additional $10. For an additional fee, Invoiceit! offers support and several upgrades. There is no free trial listed.

Invoices Made Easy offers an online invoicing service exclusively for small service-oriented trades. From landscapers to consultants, they offer the standard online invoicing options, but they also have an “EasyMail” service. This service will print and send users’ invoices via postal mail [pricing for this service depends on the number of credits a user purchases at once]. The Flat rate plan of $9.95/month provides users unlimited invoices to unlimited clients. There is a 30-day free trial available, no credit card is required.

Invoice Sherpa Invoice Sherpa’s Sole Proprietor plan is $19/month. This plan includes 100 chased invoices, custom scheduling, and scripting as well as accounting, and payment integration software. The Small Business plan costs $49/month (Everything in the Sole Proprietor plan, plus another 500 chased invoices). The Enterprise plan is $99/month (Everything in the Small Business plan plus 1,000 chased invoices). All paid accounts are eligible for live calls ($0.99/minute). The contact support team is available 24/7, recurring payments and multiple payment gateways are possible. Invoice Sherpa is compatible with many of the accounting software options available, including QuickBooks, Xero and Harvest. Additionally, Invoice Sherpa offers a 30-day free trial for each of its plan, no credit card required.

Kashoo is an accounting solution with a regular price of $19.95/month [$199.99/annually]; however, for a limited time, Kashoo is offering a 40 percent discount to individuals who sign up for their fully-featured 14-day free trial. With the discount, the service is $12.95/month [$129.95/annually]. Individuals who pay annually receive a discount. Even individuals who pay annually can cancel at any time and receive a refund.

LiteAccounting offers a web-based invoicing tool. Users can add their logos to invoices and create a default email message to send with their invoices. The Bronze plan is $10/month and includes 50 invoices, unlimited customers, services, and products. The Silver plan is $15/month and includes 100 invoices, unlimited customers, services, and products. The Gold plan is $25/month and includes unlimited everything. Customized plans are available. Customer support is available through email and phone. Users can upgrade/downgrade their plans at any time. All plans offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

LessAccounting software is designed with the small business in mind. The Autopilot plan provides bookkeepers to assist users in completing their tasks. There are five plans available: plans are categorized according to the business’ monthly expenses. The Tiny plan is $70/month [expenses under $2,000/month]. The Freelancer plan is $125/month [expenses under $10,000/month]. The Team plan is $250/month [expenses under $25,000/month]. The Business plan is $350/month [expenses under $40,000/month]. The Big Timer plan is a custom plan that requires visitors to contact LessAccounting to determine the monthly price [intended for businesses with expenses higher than $40,000/month]. There is a 60-day money back guarantee on all five plans.

Paymo is a project management app for small and medium sized businesses. This app includes unlimited projects, clients, timesheets and storage. File sharing, email integration, templates, and more. After a 15-day free trial, users pay $4.95/month/user.

PlanetSoho offers invoicing, storage, marketing tools, payment, inventory and contact management as well as online sales. There are three plans available and individuals who pay for their plans annually (instead of monthly) receive a slight discount. The Basic plan is $9.95/month [$8.95/month/annually]. The Basic plan includes three invoices, three inventory items, five contacts and an unlimited number of designed estimates. The Business plan is $14.95/month [$12.95/month/annually]. This plan includes 10 invoices, 20 inventory items, 50 contacts, five business templates/month, 100 marketing emails, three invoices sent via USPS, unlimited designed estimates, and more. The Corporate plan is $39.95/month [$32.25/month/annually]. This plan provides unlimited invoices, templates, contacts and 1,000 marketing emails, five invoices sent via the USPS, recurring invoices, and more. There is a 14-day trial period on all plans.

Quaderno is an online invoicing and accounting software. It makes tax management easy. It works with Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and other processors. Individuals can sign up using their PayPal, Shopify or Stripe account. Although pricing information is not available, there is a 7-day free trial.

QuickBooks offers web based full accounting software tailored to meet the needs of various businesses. Visitors choose their business category to learn more about the services that QuickBooks offers for their particular industry. All of the plans provide tools to track income and expenses, create estimates and invoices, sync apps, and bank accounts. QuickBooks is currently (March of 2016) offering monthly discounts for the first year on the three plans listed here. The Simple Start plan is $12.95/month [$10.36/month/first year]. The Essentials plan is $26.95/month [$18.86/month/first year] and includes instant sales and profit reports as well as the ability to manage, and pay bills. The Plus plan is $39.95/month [$23.97/month/first year]. This plan includes everything in the Essentials plan plus inventory tracking, preparing and printing 1099s. There is a 30-day free trial; however, it seems to receive the free trial, an individual must waive the aforementioned discounts.

ReceivePay offers two products: Secure Invoicing lets you create payment-enabled invoices directly from QuickBooks or Microsoft Word. The other product is a credit card payment software, so that people can pay instantly using a credit card. No pricing information is available without filling out a form: Individuals need to pass a credit check to use this service.

Send Invoice is an invoicing company. There is only one plan available and it costs $9.90/month; however, users receive a discount if they pay for services annually. Send Invoice provides users with an unlimited number of invoices, clients, users and estimates. Invoices are customizable; therefore, users can add their logo. Furthermore, invoices may be sent to clients via post, email or PDF.

Simplifyd is an online accounting software for teams. Simplifyd allows users to manage estimates and invoices, to do lists, expenses, and more. The Solo plan is approximately $27.49/month {£19/month} and includes one user, plus one accountant, or bookkeeper, all three plans include: unlimited sales pipeline, invoices, estimates and multiple to do lists. The Small Biz plan is $50.65/month {£35/month} and allows two to five users. This plan includes a shared calendar, real-time team chat, and more. The Teams plan is $108.53/month {£75/month} and is designed for up to 10 users. It includes everything in the Small Biz plan. All plans include 24/7 customer support and a 30-day free trial.

Simplifythis is more than an online invoicing application: It helps users book online appointments. Once an appointment is booked, the application ties the appointment data to the billing tool. Each plan includes automatic recurring invoices, unlimited online booking from the user’s website as well as customizable invoices. The plan an individual chooses correlates directly with the number of staff members who will be using the application. The two staff member plan is $18/month, five staff member plan is $25/month and the 10 staff member plan is $39/month. All plans have a limited 30-day free trial that allows users to send up to 15 invoices and add two staff members.

Sleek Bill Sleek Bill offers invoicing and billing software. Sleek Bill’s software is compatible with a MAC or a PC. There are four packages available. The package prices are based on the length of time the service is used. Every package includes all the invoice and billing features, free updates, and support. These features include easy to use software, multiple companies, support and updates included in each package, voidable/reversible invoices, the ability to learn and auto-complete invoices as well as modern invoice designs that can be customized. Sleek Bill’s package prices: $29/three months, $39.90/six months (this plan usually costs $42/six months), $59.90/12 months (usually costs $84/12 months), for a limited time, Sleek Bill is offering a Lifetime plan for $99; however, this plan only provides free updates and support for 12 months (the usual price for this plan is $129). There is a 30-day free trial available. Sleek Bill also offers a money back guarantee.

Vorex offers billing and invoicing tools as part of their business management suite. Users enjoy integrated CRM, can manage projects, clients, billing and tasks. Three packages are available, the Vorex Basic, Vorex Professional and Vorex Platinum. Each plan does have a 14-day free trial; however, to request a free trial and find out about pricing, visitors must fill out the contact form on Vorex’s site.

WorkflowMax offers a comprehensive, cloud-based management software solution that allows users to perform various tasks including managing projects, quotes, invoices, purchase orders, and more. Pricing is based on the number of users and optional upgrades an individual chooses. WorkflowMax plans include: $15/month (one user), $48/month (five users), $99/month (10 users), $149/month (20 users) and $199/month (up to 100 users). Optional upgrades are available – a lead manager CRM module is an extra $15/month and the WorkflowMax Premium plan is an additional $50/month. There is a 14-day free trial available. No credit card is required.

Xero is a full accounting suite for small businesses. Each plan comes with free unlimited users and integrates with more than 400 apps. Manage invoicing, expenses, payroll, inventory, and more. Xero is currently offering discounts on all three of its plans for the first six months (March of 2016). The Starter plan is $9/month ($6.30/first six months). The Standard plan is $30/month ($21/first six months). The Premium plan is $70/month ($49/first six months). Each plan comes with a 30-day free trial, no credit card required.

The Team plan costs $5/month/user and allows for an unlimited number of team members and sub-projects. Time tracking, data import, budgeting and estimates, data export, email support and mobile time tracking. The Business plan is $8/month/user (includes everything in the Team plan plus custom invoicing, expense tracking, granular rates and reports, bulk invoice scheduling, retainers, and smart budgets. The Firm plan costs $12/month/user (includes Business plan plus account management, custom onboarding, review and approval workflow, business units and divisions, businesses with at least 500 users also receive custom hosting and 24/7 support. Yanomo offers a 17-day free trial on all of its plans.

Specialty Invoicing Tools

Blinksale targets small businesses and creative professionals who want to send well-formatted invoices easily. Blinksale integrates with the well-known project management service Basecamp. They have one plan that offers unlimited everything for $15/month. Blinksale does offer a free 15-day trial.

ChargeBee is a recurring billing platform with fully automated invoicing, a comprehensive customer portal that allows for subscriber self-service options. Pricing varies: $49/month for 50 invoices, $79/month for 200 invoices (scales with a users’ business based on the number of invoices used, not a percentage of revenue), $249/month gives users 2,000 invoices (per invoice rates decrease with higher volume). ChargeBee offers a 30-day free trial on all of its packages.

Time59 focuses on small law firms and solo attorney practices. Time59 includes automatic invoice calculation, hourly and fixed fee billing, time and expense tracking. Time59 has a flat rate of $99.95/a year and provides unlimited data, service and users. Furthermore, Time59 offers free mobile access (MyTime59) to all users via a tablet, phone, PC or Mac. Time59 automatically syncs with MyTime59 to ensure users always have accurate, up-to-date information. Time59 offers a free 30-day trial.

Zencillo offers an invoice and billing product including a site dedicated to individuals who speak Spanish. Information is available wherever there is access to the Net. Neither website offers information related to pricing; therefore, visitors must contact the company to inquire.

Invoicing Solutions That Do not Offer a Free Trial

FinancialForce Billing
FinancialForce Billing is an app that supports one time and recurrent billing and payment schedules, the ability to field inquiries related to billing and turn any activity that generates revenue into an invoice. No Pricing is listed. To learn more, individuals must call or take a tour.

Intacct provides solutions for fast and efficient collection through invoice management, and automated accounts receivable management. Intacct also provides configurable reports, dashboards, charts and graphs. Subscriptions include 24/7 operations, enhancements and upgrades, US based support. Intacct works with Mac, a PC, an iPad, Android tablet or phone (as long as there is an Internet connection) Pricing is not listed, individuals must contact the company to learn more.

Outright Online Bookkeeping is now a GoDaddy service. This service offers one plan that costs $9.99/month. It automatically categorizes transactions into IRS approved categories: It also imports data from bank transactions, PayPal, Etsy, Amazon and eBay. GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping allows users to handle all their invoicing and accounting needs in one place. Tax worksheets and reports are included. There are no free-trials or guarantees advertised.

PaySimple is a cloud-based electronic invoicing service. PaySimple aims to provide business owners with the tools they need to spend less time dealing with, tracking and monitoring payments. There is a free plan – BookSimple – that allows users to try the service before they buy. The free version includes a branded booking page, time management, unlimited appointments, customers and users. PaySimple Pro is $49.95/month (plus transaction fees and sales tax, where applicable). Pro includes everything in BookSimple as well as unlimited invoices, a free mobile app, billing automation, customer data management, and more. The PaySimple Enterprise plan is $99.95/month, (it includes BookSimple, everything in Pro and multiple account/locations, a high volume discount, a dedicated account manager, existing merchant account integration, and more). PaySimple does not offer a free-trial period; however, there is an interactive demo available.

SnapBill is an online invoicing and automated billing service for freelancers in need of recurring payments. All plans include the ability to track expenses, a client account management portal, reports and statistics. The Startup package is $39/month: It includes 50 invoices. The Premium plan is $99/month ($950 setup fee) and includes 250 invoices. The Enterprise level is $250/month and includes 500+ invoices. There is no free trial or money back guarantee listed.

Please note: At the time of this publication, the details listed here are believed to be accurate; however, features, special offers and discounts may change over time. Always check the vendor’s website for up-to-date details.