India Couture Week 2017: ‘Tarakanna Is A Portrait Of Understated Cosmic Glamour,’ Says Tarun Tahiliani About His Upcoming Collection

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Ace fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani who showcased his collection the Last dance of the courtesan at India Couture Week for the first time last year ever since the event shifted to the capital, will be taking the grandeur and elegance quotient at the seven-day gala event a notch higher with his upcoming Bridal Couture and Occasion Wear 2017 collection Tarakanna on day three of the event.

“With silhouettes that sparkle and shine, as if through a haze of stardust, Tarakanna is a portrait of understated cosmic glamour,” said the veteran designer about his upcoming collection in an exclusive interview to

Talking about what the collection draws from, the couture giant told, “We took inspiration from all things universe – constellations and stars being the core theme for the collection. The frothiness of celestial bodies translates into the lightness and movement of the garments. Vibrant colours of sunrise and the tones of the in-between sky create the colour palette of oranges and mauves and pure pinks. The way light reflects off of the imperceptible objects in the sky, forms the 3D work that is weightless.”

(Photo: Tarun Tahiliani Team)(Photo: Tarun Tahiliani Team)

In an effort to make bridal and occasion wear light so that the bride and others who don any outfit from the collection can look beautiful, elegant and at the same time enjoy the wedding day/the event, the designer has intentionally created ensembles that are light-weight and fit the person like a glove. The new collection encapsulates the designer’s love for layering light-weight clothes that fit like a glove. Regal volumes, innovative techniques and smart contouring have been used tactically to make it appear as though the clothes glide effortless like a beautiful dream.

“Couture around the world is known as much for feathery lightness as well as the gravity defying construction – this is where our new couture began as we thought deeply of lightness so Indian brides can enjoy their wedding and dance in their clothes. That is how we have evolved – by creating a new vocabulary of design. Our clothes need to embody the spirit of our cultural legacy, which has to be updated for the global, peripatetic customer,’ said Tahiliani.

(Photo: Tarun Tahiliani Team)(Photo: Tarun Tahiliani Team)

When asked how much and how has Indian couture evolved over the last several years he said that Indians were on the cusp of a new way, which is a wonderful fusion of the two worlds, where a true confluence in ideas results in a contemporary Indian style that is not ‘ethnic’ or ‘western’ but is a true synthesis and has global identity and relevance.

He also mentioned that Indian couture has progressed by quantum leaps and bounds in the last 15 years resulting in placing the Indian fashion industry securely on the global map. He said, “We now have fashion weeks, trends, glossy magazines, some multi-brand boutiques of note and a thriving handloom scene. Designers have started their own stores and brands have been established. As we celebrate our traditional handlooms and craftsmanship, the demand for Indian couture is growing exponentially worldwide.”

(Photo: Tarun Tahiliani Team)(Photo: Tarun Tahiliani Team)

Explaining that a harmonious marriage of traditional crafts and contemporary is extremely important, Tahiliani said, “The Tarun Tahiliani brand has set out to create the ultimate “India Modern”: a brand with a view in the present moment, but, ultimately steeped in the Indian traditions of draped form and the techniques that millions of Indian craftspeople imbibe with love. As Indian couture grows by leaps and bounds in the global market, we take immense pride in our traditional embroideries and fine craftsmanship. It is easy to lose your roots and heritage if you focus too much on the contemporary. A harmonious marriage of the two is of utmost importance, more so ever today.”

When asked what all modern elements has he added to his upcoming line to make it more appealing and acceptable by the the global takers, the designer said, “The collection was designed keeping in mind that these pieces could be sold as separates. Adding to the mix and match of traditional Indian silhouettes are the jackets, capes and gillets, adorned with tassels to break the monotony. These garments create a more global appeal for our customers from around the world. For menswear, the simple tailored shape of the kurta is enhanced with an attached drape, creating a balance of modernity and tradition.”