621 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Would Love

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621 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Would Love – Master Blogging

So, you just finished setting up your own lifestyle blog.

You’ve got your domain ready, theme in place, and cookie-cutter pages all prepped up.

However, you’re still yet to publish your very first blog post.

This leads to the question, what do lifestyle bloggers blog about?

In this post, I have written 207 answers to that question.

On top of those topics, I also whipped up three Post title suggestions to get your content development efforts going.

Table of Contents

How to Use This List

Before anything else, know that I spent hours of research into the creation of this post. So, I hope you find it extremely useful.

Each section contains a number of content topics that you can write multiple blog posts about.

To help you turn these ideas into content, I also added three potential post title ideas you can use. These can be utilized as is, but it’s better to modify them by switching words around and using synonyms.

I also recommend checking out this post about the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to make your title ideas even juicier.

With all that out of the way, let’s jump into the lifestyle blog ideas I collected for you.

Personal Blog Post Ideas

Most lifestyle bloggers utilize their website as a digital extension of themselves.

By sharing stories about your background and daily experiences, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level. This will make your lifestyle brand more relatable, genuine, trustworthy, and authoritative.

These blog post ideas for beginners are, indeed, easy to write. As such, I recommend skimming over this section first and foremost.

1. List of your life goals

Let your audience know what drives you — what you think about when you wake up in the morning.

Post title suggestions:

  • Here are life goals I wish to accomplish through blogging
  • Why does this blog exist? Here are reasons why
  • My 20XX bucket list

2. The contents of your bag

If you’re a fashion or beauty influencer, readers are probably eager about what’s in your bag.

Post title suggestions:

  • things I don’t leave home without
  • What’s in my bag?
  • Here’s what you’ll find in my purse

3. Your significant other

Other than being fun to write, posts about your romantic partner will help make your brand more relatable.

Post title suggestions:

  • What I love about my partner
  • How we met
  • Meet Mr./Mrs. (your partner’s name)

4. People you know

If you can, you should also introduce other important people in your life and share interesting details about them. Just don’t forget to get their permission before including them in your post.

Post title suggestions:

  • Meet my family
  • things my dog does while I blog (random)
  • What my family does during the weekend

5. Your favorite things?

Here’s another easy one: just talk about a list of your favorite things — by category, if possible.

Post title suggestions:

  • My top Netflix shows keeping me up at night
  • Here are things I love to do when the internet’s out
  • My favorite books that you should read

6. Your daily experiences

As long as you’re an enthusiastic storyteller, you’ll never run out of things to blog about.

Post title suggestions:

  • Thoughts of the day: (write your personal quote here)
  • My shower thoughts
  • Look who I ran into last week

7. The perfect weekend for you

Every person has their own description of a “perfect weekend.” Discuss yours and ask your audience for feedback and suggestions.

Post title suggestions:

  • things I need for a perfect weekend
  • My perfect weekend
  • Photos that show what my perfect weekend looks like

8. Your quirky habits for productivity

Do you have any rituals or habits that make your workdays more bearable?

Post title suggestions:

  • My productivity music playlist for a busy workday
  • My morning ritual: things I do before everything else
  • Productivity tips: tried-and-tested habits that changed my life

9. Things you’d tell your younger self

We may never change the past, but we’re free to wish we knew certain things earlier.

Post title suggestions:

  • things I’d say to my younger self
  • things I wish I knew in my teens
  • A compilation of my biggest mistakes and what I would’ve done differently

10. Your important life events

It doesn’t matter who you are — every important life event has an interesting backstory waiting to be told.

Post title suggestions:

  • What happened in my most memorable birthday
  • Here’s why I quit my day job
  • realizations I had after creating my first blog

11. What you would do if you’re rich

If you had a million dollars in your bank account, what would you spend it on?

Post title suggestions:

  • things I’ll invest on if I have a million dollars
  • If I had all the money in the world, here’s what I’d spend it on
  • If I had $1,000,000, here’s the first thing I’ll buy (you’ll never guess it)

12. Try something new

Have an activity you’ve been thinking about but haven’t done it yet? Go — take a leap and write about your experience.

Post title suggestions:

  • I tried cliff diving for the very first time: here’s how it went
  • Ate nothing but my favorite food for a week (before and after)
  • Here’s why you shouldn’t let a stranger cut your hair: my horror story

13. Things you dislike

Just like your favorites, the things you dislike also deserve a mention in your blog.

Post title suggestions:

  • My weird pet peeves
  • The complete list of things I hate
  • things that ruin my day (and how I deal with them)

14. Passions not related to your niche

Aside from your blog’s niche, write about your other areas of interest to further humanize your lifestyle brand.

Post title suggestions:

  • My other passions
  • What I do when I’m not blogging
  • things I love other than (fill in your niche)

15. Why or how you started blogging

Telling the story of how you become a blogger is yet another way to win your audience’s trust and empathy.

Post title suggestions:

  • Here’s my story
  • How I became a blogger
  • Why did I start a blog?

16. Your house

Featuring your home in a post is great not just for design bloggers, but everyone in the lifestyle sphere.

Post title suggestions:

  • An exclusive sneak peek at my crash pad
  • (Your blog’s name) office reveal
  • things in my kitchen

17. Your secrets

Want a surefire strategy that will help you earn your target audience’s trust? Reveal honest and interesting secrets that will help them understand you more.

Post title suggestions:

  • secrets I haven’t told anyone (until today)
  • things you don’t know about me
  • Deep dive into my mind: sharing my secrets

18. Biggest challenges you ever faced

Challenges foster growth. Discuss how you overcame them so your readers don’t have to go through the same struggles themselves.

Post title suggestions:

  • Why I almost quit blogging (and what kept me going)
  • My recovery from surgery
  • things I learned from my biggest failure

19. Memorable, inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes are share-worthy, valuable, and can often be refined into a 1,000-word article.

Post title suggestions:

  • movie quotes that still inspire me to this day
  • My favorite quotes about (your niche)
  • “(Insert the quote)”: dissecting this quote from (source).

20. Open letter to your future self

Writing and publishing a letter to your future self is actually an effective goal-setting technique. More importantly, it provides you with interesting material for your next blog post.

Post title suggestions:

  • An open letter to the future (your name)
  • Dear 20XX me
  • Dear 50-year-old me

21. Interesting facts about you

Sometimes, you only need to share a few interesting facts about yourself — without any rules. Imagine going on a date with your audience and introducing yourself.

Post title suggestions:

  • My happy pills and guilty pleasures
  • Am I a morning or night person?
  • weirdest questions I’ve been asked

Healthy Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Lifestyle bloggers have the freedom to accommodate all sorts of creative post ideas on their website.

They can write about anything they want to talk about at any given time. It may be about health, fashion, style, beauty, and products or services they love.

This next group of blog post ideas is for the first category I mentioned.

22. A specific diet

When it comes to fitness, a widely-accepted adage is “80 percent diet, 20 percent exercise.” Writing about healthy food means helping your readers accomplish 80 percent of their progress.

Post title suggestions:

  • Do’s and don’ts of the (diet’s name) diet
  • delicious recipes if you’re into the (diet’s name) diet
  • What exactly is the (diet’s name) diet?

23. Healthy snacking

Snacking is often seen as an unhealthy habit, but it can actually be helpful with the right approach.

Post title suggestions:

  • healthy snacks that will help you curb hunger
  • Snacking 101: recipes that will help you lose weight
  • mobile apps to control your snacking habits

24. High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a strategy involving bursts of intense cardio exercises with short recovery times. With seemingly endless HIIT variations, the topic can provide you with post ideas for weeks.

Post title suggestions:

  • variations of HIIT
  • HIIT tips for beginners
  • Most common HIIT mistakes

25. Your favorite healthy recipes

If you blog about healthy living, you should come equipped with a lot of healthy recipes for your readers.

Post title suggestions:

  • healthy breakfasts to stay energized all day
  • Ways to enjoy nutritious breakfasts on a budget
  • Unhealthy breakfast mistakes

26. Cheat meals

Some people strongly advise against having “cheat days.” But just like snacking, they can help certain individuals stick to a healthy eating lifestyle.

Post title suggestions:

  • Ways cheat meals can help your long-term fitness plan
  • strategies that will make cheat meals work for you
  • How often should you have cheat meals

27. Early morning routines

You can write about early morning routines that can help your readers live long and healthy lives.

Post title suggestions:

  • Early morning workout tips
  • easy-to-do early morning workouts you can do at home
  • benefits of early morning exercises with examples

28. Evening routines

While it’s definitely important to start each day right, you should also pay attention to how you end them. Give your readers this simple reminder along with a few actionable tips.

Post title suggestions:

  • Take a look at the evening routines of (famous people’s names)
  • evening rituals to get better sleep
  • healthy things to do before going to bed

29. Working out at home

Home workout tips are in demand right now since not everyone has time, money, or both for a gym subscription.

Post title suggestions:

  • best home workouts for stay-at-home moms
  • home workout tips (without equipment)
  • No time to go to the gym? Try these home workout tips to keep you in shape

30. Simple exercises and stretches in front of your desk

Even if you’re working from home or at the office, your body deserves a few simple exercises and stretches.

Post title suggestions:

  • Calling all freelancers: don’t forget these simple stretches and exercises
  • How to improve your posture with this simple stretching exercise guide
  • simple stretches and exercises you can do in front of your desk

31. Health product review

Readers will always appreciate expert and honest insights about health products from the bloggers they trust — don’t disappoint them.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top exercise equipment you need in your home office
  • I tried (supplement name) for 30 days: here’s what happened
  • My top running shoes for 20XX

32. Health product wish list

A “wish list” post is different from a review post because it’s all about products you haven’t personally tried before.

Post title suggestions:

  • My wish list for 20XX 
  • Things I might buy this 20XX
  • Sharing my fitness wish list (need your suggestions)

33. Worst health advice

The online community sorely needs proven health advice — help them by separating the wheat from the chaff.

Post title suggestions:

  • Busting myths about the (current health or fitness trend)
  • These are the worst pieces of health advice you’ll ever find online
  • Breaking down the worst pieces of health advice I ever got

34. Best health advice

If you’ve already identified the worst pieces of health advice, it’s time to focus on the good ones.

Post title suggestions:

  • important fitness tips your gym trainer won’t tell you
  • Health tips that everyone should know in 20XX
  • experts reveal their best-kept fitness secrets

35. Budget-friendly healthy food tips

Dieting is important, but plenty of people out there need budget-friendly recipes more.

Post title suggestions:

  • affordable recipes for a healthier you
  • Healthy recipes that won’t burn a hole in your pocket
  • Eating healthy 101: budget-friendly (diet name) recipes

36. Step-by-step tutorials

Have a unique strategy that’s applicable to a specific health trend or practice? Let your readers know.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to succeed with (health, fitness, or diet trend) in weeks
  • important steps to success with (health, fitness, or diet trend)
  • (Health, fitness, or diet trend) ultimate guide: key steps you shouldn’t miss

37. Pros and cons of a specific health topic

There’s no such thing as the perfect strategy, especially in the health landscape.

Post title suggestions:

  • Introduction to (health topic): who is it for?
  • pros and cons of the (health topic)
  • Why you should think twice about (health topic) and how to do it right

38. New health trends

Being ahead of the curve in the health niche will help you generate engaging posts that attract tons of traffic.

Post title suggestions:

  • Everything you need to know about the (health trend)
  • People are going crazy about the (health trend): here are reasons why
  • benefits of the (health trend)

39. Share health insights from the latest health post or book you read

Health books and other blogs are valuable sources of insightful information — share them with your readers.

Post title suggestions:

  • takeaways I got from the (resource name)
  • I read (resource name) so you don’t have to: here’s what you need to know
  • Book of the month: things I’ve learned from the (resource name)

40. Talk about a client’s success

If you’re a health or fitness professional, it’s always a great idea to write about client success stories. Just remember to ask for your client’s permission before you mention their name.

Post title suggestions:

  • Client success story: ways you can make it too
  • Here’s how my client (client name) lost pounds in weeks
  • Client interview: (“quote from client”), (client name)

41. Healthy habits

For some people, the best way to make significant lifestyle changes it to take things one habit at a time.

Post title suggestions:

  • Struggling to (audience’s goal)? Here are simple lifestyle changes that will help
  • healthy habits you can adopt right now
  • How to create and stick to healthy habits (plus examples)

42. Mental and spiritual health topics

Remember to remind your readers that, to be healthy, they must also pay attention to their mental and spiritual state.

Post title suggestions:

  • stress-busting hacks for a loaded workday
  • How to practice the art of mindfulness
  • tips to improve your mental health

43. Sports and other outdoor activities

A number of fitness blogs include a section for sports and outdoor activities — from swimming to skiing.

Post title suggestions:

  • (outdoor activity) tips for absolute beginners
  • New to (outdoor activity)? Here are rookie mistakes you should avoid
  • things to remember on your first (outdoor activity) trip

44. Fitness program reviews

Ideally, you should talk about a fitness product while getting paid as an affiliate. But even if you don’t, fitness program reviews are always worth publishing.

Post title suggestions:

  • (Program name) review: sharing my results
  • reasons why the (program name) is the best investment right now
  • Considering the (program name)? Read this review first

45. Bodybuilding

There’s always a demand for bodybuilding tips — that’s reason enough to write about this topic if you’re knowledgeable.

Post title suggestions:

  • bodybuilding pitfalls that will stunt your gains
  • The golden rules of muscle building
  • How to gain muscle mass at home

46. Setting health goals

Just like any other endeavor in life, health and fitness both require strategic planning. This starts with effective goal setting.

Post title suggestions:

  • Goal setting guide to reach a healthier place this 20XX
  • Here’s why you should set health goals and how to do it
  • powerful goal setting techniques

Career and Personal Finance Blog Post Ideas

Your career is a crucial aspect of your lifestyle.

It dictates the side activities you participate in, your networks, and, most importantly, your personal style.

That’s why plenty of lifestyle bloggers offer free career advice on their websites. Most of the time, they also share money management tips that help readers take charge of their finances.

With that being said, here are some of the career-related blog topics worth talking about.

47. Job interviews

Acing job interviews is a popular content topic in many lifestyle blogs.

Post title suggestions:

  • Dressing the part: outfit ideas you should wear on your interview
  • common job interview questions (best answers included)
  • How to impress your job interviewer the easy way

48. Getting promotions

Your readers may be ready to take the next step in their career paths. Be sure they’re equipped with the right advice for it.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to ask for a promotion at work
  • Asking for promotions: mistakes you should avoid like the plague
  • Here’s a proven way to get the job promotion you deserve

49. Time management

As adults, it’s everyone’s responsibility to learn how to be prudent and efficient with their time.

Post title suggestions:

  • time management hacks to get more done in less time
  • time management apps that will boost your productivity
  • Owning your weekly schedule: the ultimate time management guide for achievers

50. Workplace organization

Here’s a quick fact: workplace organization has a huge impact on your overall work performance. Dole out workplace organization tips — be it at home or at the office — to earn your audience’s trust and respect.

Post title suggestions:

  • Productivity problems at work? Your messy desk may be the culprit
  • easy ways to organize your home office
  • de-cluttering tips for a healthy and productive workplace

51. Apps for work

You can help your readers find apps that will supercharge certain aspects of their careers — not just for time management.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top free apps to track your budget
  • This productivity app helps professionals (what the app does)
  • This is not a drill: there’s now an app that can help you (what the app does)

52. Work-life balance

There’s no shortage of readers out there who need help striking the perfect work-life balance.

Post title suggestions:

  • work-life balance tips that every millennial needs
  • All work, no play: here’s why focusing too much on work is counterproductive
  • break activities for a perfect work-life balance

53. Improving focus

While some people struggle to balance their focus between work and life, others couldn’t even stay focused at all.

Post title suggestions:

  • simple hacks to be more focused at work
  • The comprehensive guide to eliminating distractions at your home office
  • Eyes on the prize: here’s how I manage to stay focused while working with kids around

54. Successful people

You can come up with career and personal finance tips by looking at examples set by successful people.

Post title suggestions:

  • successful people and their game-changing habits
  • personal finance tips from successful people
  • Roundup time: (your niche) experts chip in their advice on (specific topic)

55. Self-growth

Self-growth and career development go hand in hand. Finding topics where these two collide is a recipe for top-tier lifestyle posts.

Post title suggestions:

  • personal development books you should read
  • How to boost your self-confidence at work in easy steps
  • How to overcome the fear of failure and ways to recover

56. Professional relationships

By helping your readers grow and manage their professional networks, you also help them excel in their chosen fields.

Post title suggestions:

  • benefits of strong professional relationships
  • How to build rapport with anyone in your office
  • ways to become a better communicator in a professional environment

57. Getting out of debt

There are millions of people all over the world who need help getting out of debt. If you can, provide them with the right guidance to get back on track to their financial goals.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to get out of debt faster: repeatable steps you can start today
  • ways to dig yourself out of a huge debt
  • best resources that will help you get out of debt

58. Retirement plans

It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement — be sure readers make informed decisions with your help.

Post title suggestions:

  • Retirement planning 101: tips to sail through your golden years
  • things to consider before making a long-term investment
  • A layman’s guide to (retirement plan or investment product)

59. Co-working spaces

In the digital age, plenty of professionals, specifically freelancers and bloggers, need great co-working space suggestions.

Post title suggestions:

  • benefits of co-working spaces and how to find one
  • I spent a day at (Co-working space name): here’s my experience
  • What to look for in a co-working space

60. Functional accessories

As a lifestyle blogger, you can make money with affiliate marketing by writing about office gadgets your readers may need.

Post title suggestions:

  • tried-and-tested office gadgets that will make you more productive
  • These office accessories will do wonders for your productivity
  • desk accessories that will help you bust stress and be more focused

61. Latest industry news

Pieces about the latest industry news may not be evergreen, but they’ll surely turn heads with the right promotion strategies.

Post title suggestions:

  • things you need to know about (latest trend)
  • Latest trend: reasons why it matters
  • What is (latest trend) and why you should care

62. Quitting a job

While some online readers look for tips on finding a job, others desperately need advice about quitting one.

Post title suggestions:

  • telltale signs that you should quit your job
  • Quitting with style: things to do if you want to resign from your job
  • How to write a resignation letter and resign gracefully from your job

63. Working from home

Did you know that working from home is no longer just for freelancers, bloggers, and digital entrepreneurs? Make sure they get enough guidance on how to stay productive while unsupervised.

Post title suggestions:

  • Working remotely for the first time? Here are things you should expect
  • things you can do to be more productive while working from home
  • Try these free apps to stay focused when you’re working from home

64. Career advice for introverts

It may be hard to bolster your professional network if you’re an introvert, but it sure is possible.

Post title suggestions:

  • How being an introvert can actually help your career
  • ways to effectively build your professional network as an introvert
  • Introverts: here are tips on how to handle “extrovert” tasks

65. Budgeting

No matter who you are or what you do, you can always learn something new about budgeting.

Post title suggestions:

  • easy budgeting tips for (your target audience)
  • Budgeting mistakes: reasons why you’re not saving enough money
  • This is the only budgeting guide you’ll ever need

66. Financial goals

Accomplishing financial goals like saving a certain amount of money or buying a home requires extensive research and intense planning.

Post title suggestions:

  • steps on how to set financial goals the right way
  • The ultimate guide to setting long-term financial goals
  • List of short-term financial goals you can accomplish in XX days

67. Taxes

Doing taxes is one of the not-so-sexy things of being an adult, especially for professionals who do it themselves.

Post title suggestions:

  • priceless tax tips that could save you thousands
  • How to do your taxes as a freelancer
  • perfectly legal ways to lower your taxes

70. Negotiations and client management

Negotiation is a skill that not everyone makes an effort to learn. Don’t let your readers be part of this group.

Post title suggestions:

  • Salary negotiation tips: how to get the pay you deserve
  • A freelancer’s guide to managing your client base
  • This is how you negotiate your freelance rate like a champ

Travel Blog Post Ideas

Travel is another popular sub-niche being discussed in numerous lifestyle blogs.

After traveling, a lot of people develop an irresistible itch to see even more of the world. They then capture and document their experiences through blogging.

71. Travel destinations

The world has more than enough source material for your next travel-related blog post.

Post title suggestions:

  • A weekend at (travel destination)
  • best places to visit in 20XX
  • My 20XX travel bucket list

72. Lessons learned

Experience is the best teacher, and traveling is one of the best ways to acquire it.

Post title suggestions:

  • mistakes I’ve made during my (travel destination) trip
  • things I wish I knew before traveling to (travel destination)
  • What I’ve learned from my weekend trip to (travel destination)

73. Your travel background

If you’re an established travel blogger, I’m sure your readers will be interested in knowing your past travel experiences.

Post title suggestions:

  • Why I became a travel blogger
  • The day I fell in love with traveling
  • My travel background

74. Local events

Traveling a lot also exposes you to local events and happenings worth writing about.

Post title suggestions:

  • (Local event name): from the eyes of an outsider
  • must-see events when you’re traveling to (travel destination)
  • Festival review: (festival name) in 20XX

75. Socializing while traveling

For most people, traveling becomes far less intimidating once they learn essential socialization skills for foreigners.

Post title suggestions:

  • (language name) words you need to know when traveling to (travel destination)
  • How to make friends while traveling
  • secrets to meeting new people while on the road

76. Travel gear

No — you can’t be a travel blogger if you are clueless about travel gear.

Post title suggestions:

  • The ultimate checklist of travel essentials
  • must-have travel gear for solo travelers
  • best cameras to bring on your next trip

77. The art of packing

Packing for a trip doesn’t have to be stressful — let your readers know by sharing packing tips and guides.

Post title suggestions:

  • Packing a suitcase in minutes: a step-by-step guide
  • Fitting everything into your carry-on? Make it happen in steps
  • Mastering the art of packing light: rules to live by

78. Budgeting for travel

Let’s be real: traveling can be expensive. Every person should leverage whatever money-saving method they can get their hands on.

Post title suggestions:

  • tips that will let you stretch your travel budget
  • How to plan a trip to (travel destination) on a budget
  • websites to spot out-of-this-world travel deals

79. Travel etiquette

It’s not okay to be a rude traveler just because others do it anyway. If you really want positive change, start with yourself.

Post title suggestions:

  • travel etiquette tips to live and die by
  • travel etiquette rules you could be breaking unknowingly
  • Travel etiquette: why it matters and how to do your part

80. Inspiration for traveling

Some people are travelers at heart, but don’t have enough motivation to take their first step.

Post title suggestions:

  • Should you really travel? reasons why you’re missing out by staying at home
  • travel quotes for the traveler at heart
  • Top travel-related books everyone should read

81. Accommodations

A lot of travel bloggers review or recommend hotels, hostels, and other establishments on their website. If you’re lucky and hard-working, you may even receive “press trip” offers from those businesses.

Post title suggestions:

  • Should you stay at a hotel or hostel in (travel destination)
  • best hotels to stay in (travel destination)
  • Documenting my stay at (establishment name)

82. Travel preparedness

Responsible traveling requires you to pay attention to related aspects like vaccinations, OTC medications, and insurance.

Post title suggestions:

  • Travel insurance: do you need one?
  • Everything you need to know about travel vaccinations
  • over-the-counter medications you always need in your travel kit

83. Travel planning

After writing about travel budgeting and preparedness, it’s time to focus on general travel planning topics.

Post title suggestions:

  • The ultimate travel planning guide for first-timers
  • things to remember when traveling with a group
  • How to create a DIY travel itinerary in simple steps

84. Travel photography

There will be a separate section later for photography-related content. However, photography also intertwines with travel along with other lifestyle content categories like food and beauty.

Post title suggestions:

  • essential travel photography tips for non-professionals
  • How to take Instagram-worthy photos with your smartphone camera
  • Getting your first camera for travel? recommendations you can’t go wrong with

85. Becoming a travel blogger

Some lifestyle blogs also share blogging lessons to readers who are interested in becoming bloggers themselves.

Post title suggestions:

  • equipment you need to start a travel blog
  • How to make video content for your travel blog
  • signs that mean you’re ready to become a travel blogger

86. Your travel buddies

If your readers are interested in your travel experiences, they’re probably interested in getting to know your travel buddies. You can also share useful advice on how to find theirs.

Post title suggestions:

  • Meet my travel buddy
  • things to look for in a prospective travel buddy
  • We spent a week at (travel destination): this is our story

87. Foreign languages

When bonafide travelers fall in love with a destination, they sometimes make an effort to learn the native tongue.

Post title suggestions:

  • What are the best languages to learn for travel?
  • How to master a language in months or less
  • apps that will help you learn any language in no time

88. Cultural tips

Have tidbits of wisdom on visiting certain locations? Revealing them on your website is a great way to build your credibility as a travel expert.

Post title suggestions:

  • things you need to know when visiting (travel destination)
  • things to remember before traveling to (travel destination)
  • A beginner’s guide to being a responsible traveler in (travel destination)

89. Travel-related rants

If you’re a travel blogger, you have every right to give honest and fair criticisms to companies and establishments.

Post title suggestions:

  • What went wrong during our trip to (travel destination)
  • Rant: my experience with (name of the company or establishment)
  • An open letter to (name of the company or establishment)

Food and Cooking Blog Post Ideas

A lot of lifestyle blogs also include food and cooking as core content categories.

It’s not rocket science. If food is an important aspect of your everyday life, it deserves a spot in your lifestyle blog.

Here are some blog post ideas you should consider.

90. Food recipes

Recipes are the go-to content type of most food bloggers. If you don’t have anything new to share, try creating roundups and comparisons.

Post title suggestions:

  • best vegan recipes to try this holiday season
  • (ingredient) dishes you can make in minutes
  • How to cook the perfect (recipe name)

91. Food bloggers roundup

Mentioning other food bloggers in a positive light is a great way to enlarge your network and, possibly, earn backlinks.

Post title suggestions:

  • Check out the top food bloggers that I personally follow
  • Are you a certified foodie? Here are food blogs you should follow
  • Top food bloggers in 20XX

92. Kitchen storage

Maximizing kitchen storage is a topic that’s often overlooked in a lot of food blogs. Don’t make the same mistake.

Post title suggestions:

  • creative kitchen storage solutions you should try
  • kitchen storage tips for moms
  • How to free up kitchen storage the smart way

93. Meal planning

A proper meal planning strategy will ensure you get tasty meals daily — without blowing over your budget.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to plan meals: a guide for the budget-conscious
  • meal planning tips (with template)
  • Here are my top meal planning tips for busy households

94. Ingredient highlight

Rather than sharing a recipe, you can highlight the characteristics, health benefits, and other uses of certain ingredients.

Post title suggestions:

  • (Ingredient name): reasons why every kitchen needs to have it
  • benefits of (ingredient name) for people with (specific health condition)
  • interesting, non-culinary uses of (ingredient name)

95. Cooking techniques

There are plenty of cooking and food preparation techniques out there to keep your content development going for months.

Post title suggestions:

  • (cooking technique) tips for beginners
  • essential cooking techniques you should teach yourself this 20XX
  • What are the most popular cooking methods in the (cuisine) cuisine?

96. Restaurant reviews

You don’t need to be a cooking expert to enjoy dishes and write about them.

Post title suggestions:

  • My experience at the (restaurant name)
  • (Restaurant name) review: why I’m coming back for more
  • Here are the best restaurants in (area)

97. Groceries

Buying groceries is a vital part of the cooking life.

Post title suggestions:

  • The massive list of grocery shopping tips
  • ways to save money on your grocery shopping
  • Grocery shopping: the definitive guide for home cooks

98. Eating out on a budget

Frugal foodies deserve some love, too — supply them with tips and recommendations to receive their gratitude.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to save money eating out
  • Top places for budget eats in (area)
  • Why you need a budget for dining out

99. The food photography process

Just like travel photography, food photography requires specific steps to be done proficiently.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to take mouthwatering food photos with your iPhone
  • How to start taking food photos like a pro
  • tips on how to take Instagram-worthy food photos

100. Mobile apps for foodies

In today’s day and age, there’s now an app for everything. Talk about mobile apps that your foodie audience can appreciate.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top restaurant apps you ought to try right now
  • best free apps for food photographers
  • apps you’ll love if you’re a foodie

101. Food for people with conditions

A handful of food blogs include a section about recipes for people dealing with certain ailments.

Post title suggestions:

  • recipes that will speed up your recovery from the flu
  • Here are diabetes-friendly recipes to stake your life on
  • How to make sick days yummy days with these simple recipes

102. Cookbook reviews

If possible, review cookbooks you personally love and promote them as an affiliate on your blog.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top cookbooks for (your ideal audience)
  • (Cookbook name) review: why it’s worth picking up
  • Looking for a good cookbook this (season, holiday, or year)? Here are suggestions

103. Kitchen appliances

Planning to promote affiliate products from programs like Amazon Associates? Review them on your site to generate passive income.

Post title suggestions:

  • Here are must-have items on your kitchen
  • (Product name) review: reasons why you need it
  • Top practical (product type) you should get this 20XX

104. Make-ahead recipes

A “make-ahead” is a recipe that can be prepared in advance — perfect for individuals who are pressed for time.

Post title suggestions:

  • healthy make-ahead meals for busy families
  • Here are my favorite make-ahead dinners
  • quick and easy freezer meals you can make in minutes

105. Food-related gifts

Meals made with love are among the best kind of gifts. Your audience will surely appreciate it if you provide them with creative ideas.

Post title suggestions:

  • food gift ideas for everyone at the office
  • creative food gift basket ideas you probably haven’t tried yet
  • How to make and design an Instagrammable food basket for your loved one

106. Food and beverage pairings

A perfect meal isn’t just one dish, so help your audience understand food pairings and give them ideas.

Post title suggestions:

  • A beginner’s guide to food and beverage pairing
  • My favorite food pairings
  • Top food pairings you need in your life

107. Outdoor cooking

Writing about outdoor cooking is a good way to add more variety to your food-related content.

Post title suggestions:

  • essential outdoor cooking supplies for camping
  • Outdoor cooking for the first time? do’s and don’ts you should remember
  • How to master the art of outdoor cooking

108. Your personal food thoughts

Keep in mind that you’re running a lifestyle blog. Talk about what food means to you and share interesting facts, like your childhood favorites and fond memories about cooking.

Post title suggestions:

  • Why I love food so much
  • Recreating my favorite childhood recipes
  • My obsession with (food or recipe)

109. Kitchen makeovers

What you do with your kitchen is just as important as cooking itself.

Post title suggestions:

  • Our kitchen makeover: before and after
  • ideas for your very own kitchen makeover
  • Jaw-dropping kitchen makeover ideas on a budget

110. Food preserving

Canning and preserving food are great food-related topics to blog about if you’re knowledgeable on how they’re done.

Post title suggestions:

  • useful canning tips for beginners
  • How to preserve food at home: unmissable tips
  • things you need to start canning and preserving food at home

111. Cooking with guests

If you want to write about something new, try documenting cooking sessions with guests — from family members to other bloggers.

Post title suggestions:

  • Cooking with (guest name): check out our (recipe name)
  • I decided to cook (recipe name) with (guest name): here’s what happened
  • (Blog name) cooking at home: (recipe name)

112. Romantic dinners

There’s always a special spot in lifestyle blogs for romance, including homemade recipes for romantic dinners.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to prepare a romantic dinner at home for Valentine’s day
  • easy romantic dinner date ideas at home (with pictures)
  • dinner date recipes you can make at home

Fashion and Style Blog Post Ideas

Here’s the deal: the majority of lifestyle brands online have a blog section for fashion and style.

The fashion category is where the personality of a lifestyle blogger really shines. They just need to identify the right content ideas that will help them convey it to their readers.

113. Outfit of the day

Creating an “outfit of the day” or OOTD post is all about self-expression through clothing. Other than sharing your own outfits, you can also help readers come up with their own.

Post title suggestions:

  • Outfit of the day: (outfit description)
  • tips on planning your outfit of the day
  • ideas to inspire your next outfit of the day

114. Shopping

Shopping for fashion items can be expensive and buyer’s remorse-inducing, which is why blog posts about shopping are so popular.

Post title suggestions:

  • ways to find sweet bargains online
  • Bargain hunting 101: create your Instagram-worthy OOTD on a budget
  • What fashion brands do I recommend?

115. Film-inspired looks

Fashion inspiration can be drawn from anywhere, but plenty of bloggers usually look at movie characters.

Post title suggestions:

  • Looking awesome: (movie character’s name)-inspired outfit
  • (Movie character’s quote): movie-inspired outfit
  • Cute movie outfit inspo from (movie title)

116. Office outfits

With the right inspiration, you can look fashionable wherever you are — even at work.

Post title suggestions:

  • Elevate your confidence with these office outfit ideas
  • stylish outfits for the office
  • office style tips you need to know right now

117. Wardrobe organization

Organizing your wardrobe makes it easy to find specific types of clothing. Plus, it can help you identify certain pieces of clothing you can sell or donate.

Post title suggestions:

  • The benefits of wardrobe organization and how to do it
  • wardrobe organization ideas you need in your life
  • Cool DIY wardrobe organization ideas

118. Swimwear

There will always be a market for swimwear-related articles and photos — be it from your blog or social media accounts.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top swimwear brands in 20XX
  • How to find the perfect swimwear for your body
  • Swimwear tips for all body types

119. Date night outfits

If there’s a time for you to look your best, it’s definitely on date nights.

Post title suggestions:

  • date night outfits that will make you look effortlessly ravishing
  • date night outfit ideas for men
  • Unique date night outfits to try if you want to make a great first impression

120. Party outfits

If you blog about fashion, the least you can do is help readers look amazing during parties and other events.

Post title suggestions:

  • outfit ideas for a New Year’s party
  • The essential party outfit guide for men
  • Best party outfits for women from Hollywood celebs

121. Footwear

Believe it or not, some people are more passionate about footwear than clothing in general.

Post title suggestions:

  • tips for buying new footwear this holiday season
  • Top athletic shoes for fitness junkies
  • Girls: here’s how to make heels more comfortable

122. Winter outfits

Your readers may also be looking for winter outfit ideas to look fashionable while keeping warm. It can be tricky, but creative lifestyle and fashion bloggers will always find a way.

Post title suggestions:

  • practical winter outfits to look stylish while staving off the cold
  • Must-see: cute winter outfit ideas you should try
  • How to dress up for the winter: a photo guide for men

123. Secondhand shopping

Buying secondhand is a reliable way to save big — even if you’re buying luxury fashion items.

Post title suggestions:

  • STOP: be sure to check these tips before buying secondhand online
  • Here are ways to make sure you’re getting a good secondhand deal
  • best places to find secondhand fashion items

124. News and events in the fashion industry

To be in the know, you and your readers should watch out for the latest fashion trends, news, and updates.

Post title suggestions:

  • My trip to the (event name) told through photos
  • Everything you need to know about (event or trend name)
  • Whatever happened to (outdated trend)? Here’s why (trend description) didn’t age well

125. Vintage outfit ideas

Some outfit ideas are old but gold — they just a little more coverage by fashion bloggers and industry news websites.

Post title suggestions:

  • practical outfit ideas to nail that vintage look
  • Top fashion influencers to follow for vintage outfit inspiration
  • Retro fashion ideas from popular influencers and celebrities

126. Wedding outfits

A wedding is when there’s simply no excuse to ignore what you’ll wear, especially if you’re the one tying the knot.

Post title suggestions:

  • stylishly simple outfits for wedding guests
  • Wedding guest dresses (plus size ideas)
  • Attending a wedding? Here are outfit ideas for lads and lasses

127. Clothes that make you look slim

Losing weight takes a lot of work and time, which is why some people look for “shortcuts” using slimming clothes.

Post title suggestions:

  • Check out these slimming clothes that will hide your belly bulge
  • Top slimming clothes for “dad bod” men
  • Want to lose weight tonight? Try these slimming clothes from (store or brand name)

128. Casual clothing

Have tips on how to look fashionable on any given day? I’m sure your readers would like to hear about them.

Post title suggestions:

  • casual outfits that will make any day perfect
  • The golden rules of casual attire for men (with examples)
  • Casual attire dress codes that everyone should follow

129. Clothing materials

For a lot of people, the material used in an outfit matters just as much as its looks.

Post title suggestions:

  • Cotton versus Wool: everything you need to know about men’s suit fabrics
  • Should you go with leather, canvas, or suede shoes?
  • Top breathable fabrics for the summer season

130. Colors for your skin tone and hair color

Fashion experts should know the science behind color matching in clothing — be it for your skin tone or hair color.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to find the perfect shades that will complement your skin tone and hair color
  • color matching rules you should never break
  • What color should you wear according to your skin tone?

131. Outfits for public speaking

Before speaking in front of an audience, pick clothes that look professional and comfortable at the same time.

Post title suggestions:

  • Here’s what to wear for your public speaking engagement
  • How to dress professionally for public speaking
  • outfit ideas for your public speaking event

132. Outfits for concerts

Believe it or not, people are searching online for outfit ideas when going to a concert.

Post title suggestions:

  • outfit inspirations you should wear to a concert
  • What to wear to a concert: an in-depth guide
  • concert outfits for men

133. Prolonging clothes

After purchasing a fashion item you love, chances are you’re already thinking of how to make them last longer.

Post title suggestions:

  • A detailed guide on how to make your beloved clothes last longer
  • storage and cleaning tips to prolong your clothes
  • How to make clothes last longer in easy-peasy steps

134. Renting outfits

Owning clothes is far preferable to renting them, but that doesn’t mean rented outfits have no purpose. Not only is renting more cost-efficient for special occasions, it also helps determine if certain clothing looks good on you.

Post title suggestions:

  • clothing rental services in (location) you should know about
  • Before you rent: here are tips to make sure you’re getting a good deal
  • Everything you need to know about subscription rental services for clothing

135. Minimalistic wardrobes

Minimalism is an art form that influences various areas of a person’s lifestyle, including fashion.

Post title suggestions:

  • steps to a minimalistic wardrobe
  • Minimalistic wardrobes: an introduction for beginners
  • ways a minimalist wardrobe will simplify your life

136. Styling garments

A single garment can have different looks — you just need to give readers tips and ideas on how it’s done.

Post title suggestions:

  • ways to style your favorite dress
  • Here are styling ideas for your (piece of clothing)
  • creative tips for styling your (piece of clothing)

137. DIY fashion

If your audience base includes creative and resourceful individuals, they should find detailed DIY fashion guides incredibly helpful.

Post title suggestions:

  • Here are DIY fashion projects your wardrobe needs
  • Look at these cute DIY fashion ideas
  • DIY projects you can do with your (piece of clothing)

138. Fashion photography

Fashion lovers naturally want to sharpen their photography skills so they can confidently share their looks online.

Post title suggestions:

  • crucial fashion photography tips for beginners
  • How to strike a pose wearing different types of clothing
  • Fashion photography done right for non-photographers

139. Dead fashion trends

A handful of fashion websites talk about dead fashion trends to provide quick, 10-minute entertainment to their readers. They’re often talked about in a negative light, but they can also be used for more constructive opinions and ideas.

Post title suggestions:

  • Blast from the past: failed fashion trends that deserved their demise
  • Here are dead fashion trends you’ve forgotten
  • (Clothing type) aren’t dead: here’s my attempt at reviving the (fashion trend) look

140. Jewelry

Jewelry are like the cherry on top of an elaborate fashion cake. Don’t miss out on engaging content opportunities from them.

Post title suggestions:

  • Where to buy affordable jewelry in 20XX
  • Top statement jewelry for (season)
  • The essential guide to mixing and matching jewelry

141. Bags

When it comes to bags, it’s important to focus on both looks and function.

Post title suggestions:

  • A step-by-step guide to matching your bags with your outfits
  • The definitive list of bags that every girl needs
  • trendy bag styles for men

142. Innerwear and undergarments

I think we all know the reason why people search for informative posts about innerwear and undergarments.

Post title suggestions:

  • innerwear tips for women in their (age bracket)
  • Yes, guys should pay attention to innerwear, too: my thoughts
  • Top innerwear and underwear trends this (season)

143. Out-of-season clothing

A good number of people pull off unique and stunning looks with out-of-season clothing. Most fashion websites, however, just talk about storage tips.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to rock your (season) clothes during the (different season)
  • things to remember when storing your out-of-season clothing
  • Don’t store your (season) outfits yet: here’s how to wear them this (different season)

144. Year and season reviews

If you’ve been creating outfit ideas all year long, it’s a good idea to do a recap at certain times.

Post title suggestions:

  • A recap of my 20XX looks
  • Year review: my top favorite looks in 20XX
  • Here are my favorite outfits last (season)

Hair and Beauty Blog Post Ideas

If a lifestyle blog talks about fashion, they probably also talk about hair, beauty, grooming, and everything in between.

Here are some blog post ideas that you can get started with.

145. Makeup tips

A blog with a “beauty” category almost always has something to say about makeup.

Post title suggestions:

  • essential eye makeup tips for working women
  • X-minute makeup tutorial by yours truly
  • The (your brand) makeup guide: with infographic guide

146. Natural skincare

There’s no need to explain why every beauty blog should contain skincare-related content. Natural skincare tips are just one example.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top organic skincare brands to try in 20XX
  • A beginner’s guide to natural skincare
  • My natural skincare routine

147. Skincare products

If natural skincare deserves its own content category, so do skincare products that you’d recommend to your readers. Besides, there are truckloads of affiliate marketing dollars to be made with these products.

Post title suggestions:

  • best skincare products for men
  • My review of (skincare product): why I think everyone should get it
  • skincare products I personally use

148. Skin types and conditions

Beauty tips and products work for everyone — be sure to consider the different skin types and conditions when writing content.

Post title suggestions:

  • important tips for people with oily skin
  • Itchy, dry skin? Here are some tips you should know
  • Try this skincare regimen for wrinkles

149. Beauty habits

More and more bloggers address the importance of good health to youthful and glowing skin.

Post title suggestions:

  • Here’s what a good night’s sleep does to your body
  • Is coffee good or bad for your skin?
  • habits you should be doing right now for glowing skin

150. Hair products

If you still need more niche ideas for affiliate marketing purposes, try looking at hair styling and care products.

Post title suggestions:

  • My top picks for the best hair conditioners in 20XX
  • best hair products for people with (hair type) hair
  • Trying out the top-rated hair products on Amazon: before and after

151. Hair styling and advice

You should also provide readers with tips on hair styling to make the most out of the products you cover.

Post title suggestions:

  • hair tips from professional stylists
  • All about hair styling: an infographic guide by (your brand)
  • Top haircuts for men in 20XX

152. Nail care

For a specific group of women, nail care is more than just another beauty topic. Rather, it is a passion and an art form.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to apply (nail product) by yourself
  • Everything you should know about acrylic nails with step-by-step tutorials
  • Things you should know before you use gel nail extensions

153. Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation is a specific area of skincare that often covers products like masks, creams, and washes.

Post title suggestions:

  • The top products I would recommend for exfoliation
  • The do’s and don’ts of skin exfoliation
  • How often should you really exfoliate?

154. DIY beauty

DIY beauty tips encompass natural skincare products, but it mostly focuses on homemade solutions and skincare habits.

Post title suggestions:

  • DIY beauty recipes with ingredients in your kitchen
  • beauty hacks with everything things
  • Here are DIY skincare tips from famous celebrities

155. Disappointing beauty products and ingredients

Blogging also offers a way for you to vent out your frustrations with beauty brands that failed to deliver. You may also give your readers a fair warning about certain ingredients that may have side effects.

Post title suggestions:

  • Sorry not sorry: products that I regret using in 20XX
  • beauty products that simply didn’t work for me
  • popular beauty product ingredients and their possible side effects

156. Going barefaced

Foregoing the use of makeup can be intimidating for some, but with the right guidance, it’s nothing short of empowering.

Post title suggestions:

  • Here’s how to feel more confident while makeup-free
  • tips for going barefaced
  • Barefaced beauty: here are tips to look good without makeup

157. Teeth whitening

A dazzling smile is the best makeup anyone can wear — don’t forget to share teeth whitening tips with your audience.

Post title suggestions:

  • I tried the (teeth whitening product) for a week: here are the results
  • tips for a much brighter smile
  • teeth whitening tips using homemade solutions

158. Hair extensions

Having a set of hair extensions gives women more flexibility when it comes to their looks.

Post title suggestions:

  • Here are my favorite hair extensions in 20XX
  • tips to make your clip-in hair extensions last longer
  • How to apply and care for your hair extensions the right way

159. Beauty on a budget

Anything that makes you more confident is a worthy investment, but you should never compromise your finances for anything.

Post title suggestions:

  • Beauty on a budget: a guide for the working woman
  • Here’s why frugality is beauty and ways to act now
  • How to make a (amount)-dollar budget work for 20XX

160. Fragrances

For most women, fragrance is a key component of their daily beauty routine.

Post title suggestions:

  • ways to make your perfume last longer
  • How to wear and layer perfumes for unique fragrances: plus examples
  • Top perfumes that I use regularly

161. Beauty-related gifts

Some of the top beauty bloggers write about ideas for readers who wish to give the gift of beauty.

Post title suggestions:

  • The ultimate list of beauty gifts you can give this 20XX
  • of my favorite beauty gifts this (season)
  • wonderful beauty gift ideas with pictures

162. Hair dyeing

Dyeing your hair will substantially change your look, so be sure to tell your readers the do’s and don’ts.

Post title suggestions:

  • first-time hair dyeing rules you should know
  • How to properly care for your hair after dyeing
  • tips to make your hair color last significantly longer

163. Latest beauty trends

Put simply, you can’t call yourself a beauty blogger if you’re out of the loop.

Post title suggestions:

  • of the biggest beauty trends that rocked 20XX
  • People are going crazy over this beauty trend
  • Top beauty trends in 20XX and beyond

164. Eyebrows

Eyebrows may seem trivial, but they can ruin or save your whole look.

Post title suggestions:

  • Live by these rules for perfect eyebrows every single day
  • How to trim your eyebrows: a guide for men
  • How to shape your eyebrows in minutes or less

165. Anti-aging

In beauty blogs, the “anti-aging” content category covers products, services, and health advice that can preserve your youthful glow.

Post title suggestions:

  • The top anti-aging products you should try
  • Here’s a list of beauty product ingredients with anti-aging effects
  • natural ways to battle the effects of aging

166. Choosing and working with a dermatologist

Partnering with a reliable dermatologist is a surefire way to have a skincare regiment tailored to you.

Post title suggestions:

  • things you should ask your dermatologist
  • How to pick the right dermatologist for you
  • tips when looking for a dermatologist

167. Beach day skincare

Planning to go to the beach? Every person who cares about their skin needs a few reminders to make sure their skin’s well-protected from the sun.

Post title suggestions:

  • Check out these essential skincare tips before you head to the beach
  • Top beach day skincare tips from experts
  • Heading to the beach? Here are products you should pack to protect your skin

168. Beauty day spas

Day spas offer busy women an escape from their stressful daily grind. Some also do it to alleviate pains and other ailments.

Post title suggestions:

  • Which day spas in (location) are good for your skin?
  • I went to the (day spa name): details of my day
  • reasons why every woman deserves their own spa day

Photography Blog Post Ideas

If you want to be a top-tier lifestyle blogger, you need to educate yourself on photography and visual storytelling.

There are no exceptions to this rule. You either step up your game and at least learn the basics, or live with less-than-ideal results.

In any case, photography also leads to several share-worthy content ideas for your lifestyle blog. Here are some topics you can start with.

169. Smartphone photography

Don’t have a professional camera? Don’t worry — modern smartphones are already equipped with specs and features for publication-quality images.

Post title suggestions:

  • iPhone photography tips for Instagram-worthy images
  • Top smartphones for capturing professional-quality photos
  • mobile apps that will help you capture Instagrammable images

170. All about lighting

Aside from dictating what’s seen and what’s hidden, lighting also affects the tone and emotional impact of a photo.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to master photography lighting in simple steps
  • (Lifestyle topic) photography: a beginner’s guide to lighting
  • lighting tips for beginners

171. Photography props

A plant, book, cup of coffee, laptop — these are some of the everyday props used in lifestyle photography. Discuss how these can affect the mood of photographs.

Post title suggestions:

  • everyday props you can use to elevate your (lifestyle topic) photography
  • This is how I use props for photography
  • A step-by-step guide to using props for photography

172. Choosing a location

Picking a location for a photo shoot is no joke — make sure your readers are supplied with the right information.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top tips that will help you find the perfect spot for your shoot
  • My favorite locations in (location) for Instagrammable photos
  • What to look for when picking a location for your photo shoot

173. Outdoor photography

Outdoor photography requires one to be well-versed not just in lighting and location scouting, but also in packing.

Post title suggestions:

  • important tips to remember for your first-ever outdoor photo shoot
  • How to make your outdoor photographs sparkle
  • Learn outdoor photography in easy steps

174. Camera equipment

As a lifestyle blogger, you should also know a thing or two about camera equipment.

Post title suggestions:

  • No budget for a DSLR camera? Here are the best camera phones money can buy
  • Top DSLR cameras in 20XX
  • must-have photography equipment for (lifestyle topic) bloggers

175. Photo filters

Not yet confident in your photography skills? You along with your readers can talk about photo filters offered by image-sharing websites, social media, and photography apps.

Post title suggestions:

  • My top list of photo filters on Instagram
  • Spice up your photography with these smartphone app filters
  • best filter app for iPhone photography

176. Selfies

Love them or hate them, selfies have become a permanent part of the internet culture.

Post title suggestions:

  • important selfie tips if you care about your social media presence
  • The fashionista’s guide to taking amazing selfies
  • selfie hacks to bolster your Instagram account

177. Indoor photography

Snapping an indoor photo is, in many ways, a lot trickier than outdoor photography. This may mean longer and more in-depth step-by-step tutorials.

Post title suggestions:

  • lighting secrets to top-notch indoor photography
  • Indoor photography 101: things you need to understand
  • Natural light versus artificial light for indoor photography

178. Photography software

Be it on a mobile phone or personal computer, your readers deserve the best recommendations and tips about photography software. A number of lifestyle bloggers also put their original Lightroom presets up on sale.

Post title suggestions:

  • easy-to-do Photoshop hacks for absolute newbies
  • Best free mobile apps for share-worthy images
  • What are the best photo editing apps in 20XX?

179. Wedding photography

If there’s ever a day when you can’t get photography wrong, it’s definitely during a wedding.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to take wedding photos like a pro
  • wedding photography tips you absolutely can’t miss
  • sunset photography tips for beginners

180. Candid photography

Taking stolen shots can be fun, but it’s nowhere near easy.

Post title suggestions:

  • tips to take your candid photography to the next level
  • Here’s how to stop being awful at candid photography
  • elements of an excellent stolen shot

181. Aerial photography

Aerial photography is something that isn’t discussed in most lifestyle blogs. But if you’re experienced in the craft, there’s no reason for you not to talk about it.

Post title suggestions:

  • best drones for travel bloggers
  • How to take better aerial photos in easy steps
  • essential tips to improve your drone photography skills

182. Creating featured images for posts and social media

If your reader base includes some content creators, you may also share tips on creating featured images.

Post title suggestions:

  • online tools that will help turn your photos into stunning featured images
  • How to whip up amazing social media visuals in minutes
  • The X-minute guide to producing custom images for social media

183. Low-light photography

Long story short, low-light photography takes skill — you’ll have to write long, in-depth posts for this topic.

Post title suggestions:

  • Non-photographers: here’s how to take sharp images in low-light
  • tips to get better at low-light photography
  • How to take great pictures in low light

184. Product photography

As a blogger, you may occasionally need to review products you purchased or received from sponsor brands. This means you should also be fairly skilled in product photography — unless you hire a professional photographer.

Post title suggestions:

  • simple product photography hacks for professional-looking images
  • How to take great product photos with your iPhone
  • How to learn product photography in (number) days

185. Other photography styles

If you’re genuinely passionate about photography, you should be willing to explore and discuss other photography styles.

Post title suggestions:

  • photography styles that are useful for (lifestyle topic) bloggers
  • How I learned photojournalism
  • Understanding the photography styles and their examples

Family and Relationships Blog Post Ideas

Remember that every joy in life is best shared with people close to you.

A lot of lifestyle blogs give readers this reminder by sharing simple dating advice. There are also bloggers who dedicate an entire category for content related to family and relationships.

This will be the last group of lifestyle blog topics in this post. That said, let’s get to it.

186. Dating advice

If a person cares about fashion and beauty, chances are they’re also into dating. Sure, that’s not guaranteed, but writing about dating is fun nonetheless.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to deal with social anxiety when dating
  • dating tips that will help you find the right person
  • dating mistakes that all single men must avoid

187. Dating websites

The hyper-connected world is filled with apps that can help you meet new people, but not all are made equal.

Post title suggestions:

  • best dating apps and websites for people over XX
  • I used (dating app or website) to find a Valentine’s date: here’s what happened
  • What you should and shouldn’t disclose in your dating profile

188. Approaching new people

Be it for dating or just networking, a lot of people struggle approaching new people.

Post title suggestions:

  • Try these ways to approach a person you want to be friends with
  • surefire ways to approach anyone
  • A men’s guide to approaching women

189. Long-distance relationships

Yes, long-distance relationships are real and can be made to last — they can also lead to a few traffic-generating posts.

Post title suggestions:

  • tips on surviving a long-distance relationship
  • Distance doesn’t matter: tips for a successful long-distance relationship
  • Long distance relationship do’s and don’ts

190. Dealing with breakups

Breakups happen — that’s life. On the bright side, they give lifestyle and relationship bloggers a ton of content ideas.

Post title suggestions:

  • Just got out of a breakup? Here are ways to deal with the aftermath
  • The fastest way to recovery after a breakup
  • mistakes that you should never make after a painful breakup

191. Getting back with your ex

Sometimes, a breakup is merely a new chapter in two people’s relationship.

Post title suggestions:

  • Should you get back with your ex? signs that you should
  • How to win back your ex in steps
  • questions to ask before getting back with your ex

192. Gifts to your significant other

Gifts may not define a relationship, but they sure do strengthen it as well as make it more fun.

Post title suggestions:

  • gifts to give your partner this (season or event)
  • unique gift ideas for your romantic partner
  • Try these DIY gift projects your partner will love

193. Saying no

For some people, meeting and approaching new people isn’t the problem. Sometimes, it’s about turning down certain individuals you want no business with.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to say no to someone in the nicest way possible
  • The importance of saying no and tips on how to do it
  • subtle ways to say no to someone

194. Reigniting romance

Long-time couples sometimes seek help online on how to keep the romance alive.

Post title suggestions:

  • little things that will keep the romance alive
  • Rekindle the fire with your partner with these tips
  • simple ways to reignite the fire in your marriage

195. Wedding planning

You already talked about wedding outfits and photography — don’t forget to share wedding planning advice as well.

Post title suggestions:

  • tips to make your DIY wedding a huge success
  • wedding planning tips with downloadable checklist
  • A step-by-step guide to DIY wedding planning

196. Baby shower planning

Planning baby showers can be difficult, which is why bloggers like you should create informative blog posts about it.

Post title suggestions:

  • baby shower planning tips to make the occasion more memorable
  • How to plan a baby shower that everyone will remember for ages
  • Planning a baby shower doesn’t have to be stressful: important tips to remember

197. Healthy pregnancy

A lot of lifestyle blogs with a family-related content category also share tips that help readers sail through pregnancy.

Post title suggestions:

  • Essential health tips for working pregnant women
  • first trimester tips for pregnant women
  • things I’ve learned after my first pregnancy

198. Family planning

Planning a family is perhaps one of the most important duties any person can have. There’s always room for educational content as far as it’s concerned.

Post title suggestions:

  • A couple’s guide to natural family planning
  • family planning tips everyone should know
  • Everything you need to know about birth control and family planning

199. Raising children

As soon as you become a parent, raising your child should become an integral part of your lifestyle.

Post title suggestions:

  • vital tips for first-time parents
  • simple parenting tips for a happier household
  • How to become the cool parent in easy steps

200. Parenting mistakes

A creative blogger can turn their own parenting mistakes and failures into valuable lessons — packaged into well-written posts.

Post title suggestions:

  • things I wish I knew about parenthood before (your child’s name)
  • Top parenting mistakes that you should never repeat
  • Revealing my worst parenting mistakes and what I did to fix them

201. Family activities

For your parent readers, there’s always a need for new ideas on spending quality time with their loved ones.

Post title suggestions:

  • simple family activities you can do without the internet
  • How to develop stronger bonds with your kids through these fun activities
  • The ultimate list of at-home games for the whole family

202. “Me time”

Full-time parenthood can really put anyone on the edge, which is why it’s important to have “me time” plans.

Post title suggestions:

  • Why you need a “me time” and how to work it into your busy schedule
  • tips on making time for “me time”
  • How to get some “me time” from an already loaded schedule

203. Postpartum care

If your audience base includes mothers, shedding some light on postpartum care — or self-care after pregnancy — will be highly appreciated.

Post title suggestions:

  • things every mom should know about the postpartum recovery period
  • Postpartum self-care tips for single moms
  • tips to hasten recovery after giving birth

204. Baby care

Baby care is something that no one should ever take lightly — hence, the existence of baby-care content in lifestyle blogs.

Post title suggestions:

  • must-know baby care tips for first-time parents
  • A solo parent’s guide to newborn care
  • baby care hacks that every parent should know

205. Baby fashion and photography

Think your child inherited your fashion acumen? If you do, share it with your readers so they can take Instagram-worthy photos of their young ones.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to take share-worthy photos with your newborn without a photographer
  • newborn photography tips for the perfect Instagram post
  • cute and fun outfit ideas for your newborn

206. Housekeeping

The busier life gets, the more thought and planning everyone should put into everyday housekeeping tasks.

Post title suggestions:

  • incredibly easy housekeeping hacks for busy people
  • The ultimate housekeeping guide for men
  • Top housekeeping habits every single parent should learn

207. Your experiences with loved ones

At the end of the day, your blog is a creative outlet where you can document your most treasured experiences. When you’re out of ideas, talk about your adventures with those around you, including romantic partners and family members.

Post title suggestions:

  • (Date): having a great time with (your loved ones)
  • A funny story on our first (your experience)
  • Happy anniversary with (your partner’s name): our year together in photos