7 New Wix Business Sites Designed With Artificial Intelligence

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8 New Wix Business Sites Created with AI Web Design

Wix, the popular drag-and-drop website builder, recently unveiled a new tool to make designing websiteseven easier. In fact, with Wix ADI, you don’t even have to do the work yourself.

ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence. So the new Wix feature uses artificial intelligence to automatically put together websites based on what it thinks will work best for each type of website or business.

At this point, you might be wondering what an AI designed website actually looks like. Well, you’re in luck. Wix just unveiled seven website designs that were created using Wix ADI. Here are the examples you can use to determine whether Wix ADI might be a tool that could work for your next website project.

AI Web Design in Action

The Scratching Post Hotel

AI Web Design - Scratching Post Cat Hotel

This design puts a big emphasis on photos, which is likely a plus since the photos featured are of cute kittens. In addition, the website uses Wix’s Bookings app to let customers book their cats’ reservations right on the website. It also features a basic top navigation and long scroll features.

Dog Walking Shefford & Store

AI Web Design - Dog Walking Shefford & Store

Since this business provides both products and services, its website needed to reflect those offerings equally. So at the top, the site features a large photo and quick explanation. Then as you scroll or browse the top navigation, you’ll see options for buying products and booking dog walking services. The site uses Wix Bookings and an online store app to fulfill both of those requirements.

JMG Health

AI Web Design - JMG Health

Personal training is an industry where you need to make personal connections. So the website for JMG Health highights contact and social features prominently. Social media icons are included at both the top and bottom of the page. And you’ll find multiple opportunities to reach out and ask questions or request information as you scroll through the website.

Chingon Sunglasses Store

AI Web Design - Chingon Sunglasses

This ecommerce website features a clean home page, with products displayed prominently below. Secondary sections like the company’s background information are included at the bottom of the page. And the top navigation includes only a few page options, including the shop section. That type of simplicity is often preferred for ecommerce sites so as not to distract shoppers from completing purchases.

The HK Trading Group

AI Web Design - HK Trading Group

The HK Trading Group is a B2B service provider targeting the restaurant industry. So the design of thewebsite shows off a fairly professional vibe with full-width scrolling and bold slides. The site features a simple top navigation, an explanation of services and a contact section, keeping it simple for restaurants that might want to hire them.

Wild Wes Lawn Care & Property Maintenance

AI Web Design - Wild Wes Lawn Care

This website showcases a very basic design, which seems to work based on the nature of the business. Visitors can view a list of services, see a short blurb about the business and get in contact. Simple!

Prep ‘n’ Ship UK

AI Web Design - Prep n' Ship UK

This website features a large header image and contact feature prominently at the top of the homepage. Below, you’ll find a short blurb about the company, a list of services offered and a small testimonials section. Since contacting the company is often the first step in a transaction for this type of business, displaying the contact option prominently is a big plus for the business.

* * *Wix is rolling out its new AI design slowly, but businesses interested in being among the first to try the service can sign up here to learn more.