7 Web Design Mistakes That Can Prove Fatal to Your Website

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o you’ve hired someone to give your boring website a new lease of life. Great initiative, no doubt about that. But even after spending your hard earned money on the look and feel of your design, it still may not attract your targeted audience. Don’t let this happen to your website because this could directly impact on your business prospect. Here are some designing issues that can make or break the design of your website:

Above the Fold Has No Content

Don’t focus on conversions only. Think like a normal human being and keep aside those conversion mumbo-jumbos for a second. The above the fold section is not a place to put larger than life images or featuring the Call to Action buttons only. Nope, you need to add some context so people don’t need to scroll down and figure out what the page is all about.

Creating it with Flash

Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that flash websites look awesome. But you should not ignore its shortcomings, mainly that it takes years to get loaded properly. You should not forget the fact that flash websites are inherently SEO unfriendly. You will have just one single page to load all the content of the website, and that means you could have little scope to optimize your website. And with more readers on mobile, the wait time to load can be a deterrent as well.

You Have a Splash Page

In my personal opinion, this is the worst thing that you can have on your website as this will eventually slow down the website. Moreover, instead of helping your visitors find your website, you are actually making it harder for general visitors to access it. Reconsider having a splash page at all and get your customers to your company site.

You Don’t Care About Cross Browser Compatibility

I am not saying that you have to make your website all browsers friendly. However, you at least need to make sure that your website is rendering precisely in major browsers – like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Repeating Background Images

This is the weirdest thing that you can do with your site. It is funny to repeat small images horizontally or vertically. The problem is that these tactics increase the loading time of your website and become a turn off for customers to progress through your site.

Pop Ups

This is another feature that is unwarranted and that you can safely ignore. Adding pop-up pages is really annoying to users and could turn your visitors away. If you are going to decide on pop ups, then minimize it because having those interrupt the site all the time could be the biggest mistake and annoy your visitor.

Right Click Disabling

We do not see any reason why you should disable right click on your site. Just because you have disabled right click on your website does not mean that they will not be able to copy and paste the information. Nope, everything is available right on the source code and therefore, there is no need to trouble the visitors by disabling right click. This is irksome.