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Amzer Fitzer Ka Review

Amzer is known for its huge variety of smartphone accessories including instances, cables, and chargers. currently, the organisation launched an hobby tracker called Amzer Fitzer Ka. It isn’t honestlya phone accent, however you do want an app to song your data. The Fitzer Ka is close to the lower quitof the spectrum in phrases of charge. This makes it appealing to a wide audience, despite the fact that it is more expensive than the Xiaomi Mi Band.

As we have stated in previous evaluations of activity trackers, there is room within the marketplace for areliable, useful, low-cease tool. The Fitzer Ka’s pricing pits it towards the Goqii band, however because itis not tied to a subscription service, Amzer’s product will appeal to folks that just need a fundamentalinterest tracker with a show. Does it consistently supply accurate interest data? examine directly tofind out.

The Amzer Fitzer Ka is a wrist-worn hobby tracker, in the form of a capsule which contains the sensors and hardware, and a band. the good component is that it ships with 3 bands – black, blue, and redso that you can switch between them in line with your attire or temper. The capsule is easy to connect to the band, and it didn’t fall out even as soon as in our 9-day trying out period. The band may be very at ease. We failed to feel any want to take away it at any point. The band did come off by accident as soon aswhen we had been riding in a crowded train, but the healthy turned into otherwise relaxed. Charging thepill is easy because it has a Micro-USB port much like maximum Android telephones. You do not have toworry approximately sporting a separate charger round.

The Amzer Fitzer Ka capsule has a show and one button. you have to tap this button to scroll thrudisplays which show the time, steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and percentage of dreamsaccomplished. Sleep tracking data is proven most effective within the app, along side a graphmonitoring your hobby records. urgent and holding the button powers the tool on or off, and a hitting ittwo times in brief succession toggles sleep monitoring. All of that is pretty easy to apply, and we figured it out while not having to consult the user guide.


like the Amzer Fitzer Ka hardware, its app is easy to use. We had no trouble pairing the tool with our testphones, and it stayed connected after that. At instances, it took a bit too long to sync new facts with the app, but this became a minor difficulty. Hitting the sync button manually constant this problem.

The Fitzer Ka’s app should use some upgrades. Its hobby history graph is a little too rigid. The weekstarts offevolved on Sunday and ends on Saturday, and you can not trade this. in case you hearth up the app on Monday, you may simplest see statistics for the one preceding day in that week; you may ought to transfer to month view to see records for even one day prior, which is unfortunate as it‘s regular towant to check how plenty you walked three days ago. The graph ought to be dynamic, displaying datafor the beyond seven days or so. The identical issue applies to the month and yr views.

The graph marks factors on the Y axis however doesn’t show numerical labels, so you simplest get atough idea of the relative quantity of steps taken on any day. it’d be lots higher to have absolute values for the range of steps taken each day. The app lets you set exercising goals and reminders too, and we had no issues the usage of the ones functions. general, the app does an awesome job of showingfundamental activity and sleep statistics, which is in step with what’s promised while you buy the Amzer Fitzer Ka.

That brings us to the accuracy of Amzer Fitzer Ka’s facts. while in comparison in opposition to an iPhone 5s, we observed a deviation of up to ten percentage, which passed off on an afternoon whilst we walked over 20,000 steps. That tons of a deviation is understandable due to the fact the iPhone turned into in a trouser pocket while the Fitzer Ka became strapped to our wrist. On maximum different days, when we tookaround 5,000 steps, the deviation discovered turned into five percentage or less. Sleep monitoring may be very rudimentary; the Fitzer Ka simplest tracks the number of hours spent sound asleep, and the way a lot of those we were in deep sleep. This turned into pretty correct as far as we may want to inform. this is no longer surprising when you consider that we had been manually activating and deactivating sleepmonitoring each night time.


however, we did also have to deal with some annoyances when using the tool. the largest of ourproblems surfaced at the 7th day of trying out, while the Fitzer Ka ran out of battery strength. We charged the tool kind of an hour after its battery died, simplest to find that the device had reset the remember of 1,279 steps we might taken thus far that day. We had synchronised the tool with its app before it ran down,however the Fitzer Ka overwrote that facts once it changed into powered on once more, and we lost ourinterest and sleep statistics for that day. This became frustrating, and it means you cannot ever let thedevice die. the second annoyance is a piece of a double-edged sword: while we love how clean it’s milesto toggle sleep mode on and stale, we noticed that we were inadvertently doing so in our sleep. We evenmanaged to switch off the Amzer Fitzer Ka on one event whilst we had been speedy asleep. this will be a good bigger deal if you depend on the Fitzer Ka’s alarms to awaken.

typical, we are fairly thrilled with the Amzer Fitzer Ka. it is reliable enough as an pastime tracker, it has ashow and properly battery existence, and it sells at an affordable price of Rs. 2,999. As continually wehave to nation that many smartphones can on their very own do most of the things the Fitzer Ka does, butif you will pick a wrist-worn interest tracker and don’t need to spend more than Rs. three,000, you won’tbe disappointed with Amzer’s imparting.

fairly accurate activity and sleep tracking
excellent pricing
Battery existence
Has a display

smartphone apps can carry out the same capabilities
Erases statistics while it runs out of strength
puzzling show of information at the app

scores (out of 5)
layout: four
monitoring: three.five
other functions: three
fee for money: 3.five
overall: 3.5

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