Cheetos Designed A Line Of Clothing & Accessories That Make Snacking Easier

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Eating Cheetos is a notoriously messy pastime. The powder covers your fingers, your fingers cover everything else, and soon, everything is orange. So, the company behind the snack is now offering solutions to this problem — in the form of Cheeto-themed clothing and accessories.
Cheetos has collaborated with Betabrand to create a “snackwear line” that makes Cheeto-eating neater. The products include variations on everyday items, like a blazer with a “refillable pocket of cheese-dust cleaning napkins” and a pair of pants with pieces of fabric on the lap dubbed “lapkins” that you can wipe your hands on then remove.

Then, there are more obscure accessories, like a parasol with a Cheetos pocket and a tie, suspenders, and bow you can hide Cheetos in when you’ve got to be stealthy about your snacking. And in case you’ve really got to keep your Cheeto-eating on the DL, there’s a fuzzy “Sound-Muffling Muffler” that stashes bags of Cheetos so nobody can hear the plastic ruffling.
So, how do you get your cheese-covered hands on one of these? They’re actually not for sale yet. Here’s how it works: Betabrand is essentially a Kickstarter for clothing, but not all its products even make it to the crowdfunding stage. Right now, people are voting for their favorite Cheetos items to determine which might actually get made. Then, the most popular ones will become crowdfunding projects, and people who voted for them get 30% off. It looks like the parasol is winning.
The Cheetos store that used to sell cheetah-themed earrings and other merchandise is currently closed, so perhaps the company has turned its full attention to creating cheese-resistant outfits.
If we need to contain our messes in the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with spreading napkins on our laps and carrying wipes in our regular old pockets.