Community gardens pave way for a green AP

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VIJAYAWADA: The horticulture department of Krishna district is trying to come up with new initiatives towards making the environment clean and green. The department is planning to rope in educational institutions and companies to take part in the community gardens.Community gardens are those which are focussed for development in an area of a colony, street or any area that is vacant in educational institution. Now, the district officials of the horticulture department is planning to bring such community gardens in the vacant areas in particular colonies and educational institutions.

As part of this initiative, the department would offer all the required material and garden needs to a group of people, who come up with a vacant site and wants to grow a vegetable garden.For example, if there is a vacant site in a colony and the colony people wanted to grow vegetables in that particular site, they need to give a representation to the department and the department would soon approve it and supply the required amount of seeds, nutrients and other garden needs. The supply might be on a subsidised rate or free of cost. Similarly, in educational institutions, a part of the land would be identified and allocated to different classes for a period of time and encourage them in bringing up their own gardens. At the end of the academic year, the best team would be awarded.

Speaking to Express, A Jyoti, horticulture officer of Krishna district, said, “We are planning to build community gardens, which is the first-of-its-kind initiative in the State. This would build a healthy and green environment in the colonies and educational institutions. It is still in a proposal stage and we want to get it implemented by the end of this year.