Design Brochures, Fliers, More from Your Phone with Sprightly

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Brochure App - Microsoft Sprightly

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is taking on startups such as Canva and Adobe Spark Post with a new app called Sprightly. The app allows you to instantly create professional-looking fliers, detailed catalogs, and beautiful posters right from your iPhone. You no longer need a designer or any designing experience to create eye-catching content for your business.

Sprightly, a New Flier and Brochure App

The app provides a handful of templates to choose from and you can as well customize them with your business information and photos.

“The graphic design experts at Sprightly have tackled all your design problems so you don’t have to,” reads the product description at the App Store. “Without any previous experience you can easily create professional looking designs. Choose from a number of pre-designed templates, add one image or 20 and each time the app will re-size and arrange the images in the most beautiful way possible.”

Although it doesn’t offer a huge room for creativity, you still get really good-looking end products with minimal work. You can as well print or share your products on social media networks.

While Sprightly is remarkably similar in concept to Canva and Adobe Spark, it has a narrower focus.

Its predecessors have grown to be quite popular with social media managers who need a quick and easy way to create graphics that they can use on various social media sites. The two apps also come in handy as they are cheaper to use when compared to hiring a pro designer. They are also synonymous with businesses of all sizes.

Sprightly, on the other hand, also aims at democratizing design, but it specifically targets small business owners who are looking to intensify their online campaigns. This is why some of its templates includes those that retailers would find useful, including tools to create product collages, coupons, catalog pages, price lists, among other things.

Sprightly is a product from Microsoft Garage. The Android version was launched earlier this year and now the company is promising an expanded collection of templates, styles and colors with the iOS debut. You can now download it for free on the iTunes App Store.

Image: Microsoft