Facebook’s Early Christmas Gift: Advice on Managing Your Page

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Facebook has an early Christmas gift for small businesses this year — Facebook page moderation tips for the holiday season!

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has an early Christmas gift for small businesses this year — Facebook page moderation tips for the holiday season!

Here’s an overview of Facebook’s top tips for Page owners and admins on how to manage Page content, moderate comments, prevent abusive activity and more:

Facebook Page Moderation Tips

These pointers are particularly important during the Christmas holiday season because it’s a busy time of year for many businesses. You shouldn’t leave things to chance.

1. Block Certain Words or Phrases from Appearing on Your Page

This will help to manage what visitors can post on your Page. When people include a word you’ve blocked in a comment or post on your Page, it will be automatically marked as spam.

To block words: Click Settings at the top of your Page. From General, click Page Moderation. Type the words (including the singular and plural forms) you want to block, separated by commas. Click Save Changes.

2. Hide or Delete Offensive Visitor Posts and Comments

In addition to blocking words, Facebook advises you also moderate visitor posts and comments by turning on the profanity filter for your Page. While you can’t disable comments on your Page’s posts, you can (and should) hide or delete individual comments that you deem inappropriate.

3. Manage Ratings and Reviews on Your Page

The Reviews tab on your Page provides helpful information to visitors who are considering transacting with your business. Allow or disable ratings or reviews on your page by clicking Settings. From General, click Reviews. Select Allow visitorsto review this Page or Disable reviews. Click Save Changes.

Additionally, report reviews that don’t follow Facebook Community Standards or don’t focus on the product or service offered by your business. Facebook says it’ll review your report and may remove reviews that don’t follow its guidelines.

4. Report General Bad Activity

If someone is continually publishing spam to your Page by leaving abusive posts or comments, there are several ways to prevent them from seeing or engaging with your Page entirely, including:

  • Ban spammers from your Page. When you ban someone from your Page, they’ll no longer be able to see or publish to your Page, message your Page or like the Page.
  • Remove someone who likes your Page. When you remove someone from your Page, they’ll no longer like it.

Check out the full guide on how to manage your Facebook business Page for more details.

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