Future Talks New Album and Social Media Hiatus With Zane Lowe

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Future’s self-titled and decidedly feature-free new album hits Apple Music tonight, meaning you know who got the scoop on an instaclassic interview: Zane Lowe. The interview, shot at the iconic Walter’s Clothing in Atlanta, finds Future reflecting on his blockbuster Drake collab What a Time to Be Alive and his current desire to go “more underground.” Future also made a very convincing case for embarking on a social media hiatus.

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“It was probably the best thing I’d ever done,” Future said of his own social media hiatus. “It’s like I don’t have to respond to certain things even going on in my life. I don’t have to address it. I don’t have to be able to speak on it because they know my social media is shut down. So anything going on in that period of time probably just gets washed away. I’m just not [giving] it attention. I want to give the music attention and be in the studio. I want to give all my attention to my music, my kids, my family so I just wanna focus on certain things besides social media.”The inherent distractions of social media would have also fucked up his flow when working on the new album. “It’s been a lot of distractions,” he told Lowe. “That’s what made part of me turn my social media off. I don’t want to be distracted.” The new album, which may or may not be available for you on Spotify right now depending on your locale, represents the start of Future’s “back to business” approach moving forward.

The new album will premiere on Apple Music on the debut episode of FREEBANDZ Radio Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET.

If Future’s comments to Lowe are any indication, we can probably expect even more new music soon. “The fans are going to dictate everything that I do,” he said. “Pretty much 2017 it’s not going to be me, I’m just going to see how the fans react. What they are thinking about, what they are talking, what they want, what they need to hear, what videos they want, do they feel like I need to drop something? Do they want me to drop something in the summertime? Do they think I should drop something after the tour, middle of the tour?”

Prediction: Every single one of those inquiries will be met with a yes.