Improve Your Digital Home With SBA Widgets

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Your website is your digital home. You may have several social network pages from one end of the Web to the next, but at the day’s end, you need a home to return to, a website of your own. Your digital house, just like your condo, flat, townhouse, house or apartment, needs constant improvement as well as the occasional upgrade.

At least that’s how I feel about my website – and I hope you feel that way about yours.

SBA Direct Widget

It looks like the U.S. Small Business Administration feels the same way, as they have been on a campaign to improve their online presence as well. They have redesigned their website to be more engaging and they have also added the SBA Community.  The SBA has been “social” for a while with their Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel.

Their latest change includes a series of widgets that makes it easier for small business owners to access a wealth of information directly from The site was one of my most frequented websites when I first started my small business. We’ve been using the SBADirect widget in the sidebar here on Small Business Trendsand we invite you to check it out. It’s a way to give your visitors access to more content without having to write it yourself.

The 5 widgets being offered by are:

  1. SBA Direct: This widget supplies small business information and local services via your ZIP code.
  2. Small Business InfoTool: This widget is a non-branded version of the SBA Direct widget.
  3. Tools for Small Business: This widget supplies tools and resources for running a small business.
  4. Small Business Tax Tool: This widget supplies current tax information.
  5. Community: This widget displays issues concerning small business owners from the community.

Here’s the lesson that stands out to me.  The changes at highlight a few areas that all small business owners can address:

Get Social

Have you been holding back on getting involved with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? It’s time to get social because if your website is your home, then these social networks are how you meet new people and make new friends. Think about it: When you have a party at your “place,” you want people to show up. Well, it’s time to meet people.

Upgrade It

Look at the home page of your website. It may be time for an upgrade. It doesn’t have to be a major overhaul (although it can be).  Maybe a fresh home page is enough for now. Constant improvement is a part of our modern landscape – so embrace the process.

Simple Access

The SBA Direct widget gives your target audience an easier way to engage with content. Are there some changes you can make to streamline your information and give your visitors easier access to what they need?

I appreciate the upgrade, the new widgets and the fact that I feel encouraged to continue to improve my own “house.”