J. Angelique launches 70s-inspired collection for Soca Brainwash

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DJ Private Ryan has teamed up with popular designer J. Angelique to help female guests fully get into Soca Brainwash’s 2019 theme, The 70s, with the launch of a designer collection for the highly anticipated Carnival event.

The pair announced their collaboration on Friday and Loop was there as the two spoke about the collab on Instagram Live.

The exclusive collection, ‘J. Angelique for Soca Brainwash’, features sultry and chic 70s-inspired pieces which include jumpsuits, rompers and dresses.

J. Angelique x DJ Private Ryan for Soca Brainwash

Inspired by designer Janelle Forde’s own sense of belonging to the notorious decade, the collection sounds of Helen Reddy’s iconic song, “I am Woman.”

“It is an inebriation of feminist disco anthems and psychedelic patterns; life with artistic abandon,” she explained. “The seventies relived in J.Angelique’s 2019 Pret-a-Feter collection represents luxurious minimalism, with sex and glamour at the helm. Loose sheer silhouettes drape over bra-less bodies, and are embellished with holographic paillettes and strands of feathers.”

As a fan of Soca Brainwash, Janelle said she wanted to add her own flair to the signature event and pitched to Ryan and his team. In addition to the collection, there will also be a vanity zone, where guests can freshen up, take selfies and briefly relax before getting back into the fete.

Guests, especially, those from abroad, will also have the opportunity to take a few momentoes of Trinidad and Trinidad Carnival back home with them.

“We have a village where local designers can sell their stuff,” Ryan said. “Usually I’d just have my own merch on sale but I decided to extend it to other local designers. There are so many foreigners visiting by that time and it’s a great opportunity for creatives to express themselves and sell their stuff too.

“KdG Creations will be there, and 1ndividual is doing a special design line as well. This way people would get introduced to the local talent; the event is looking to incorporate every aspect of mas and carnival.”

Speaking on this year’s theme, Ryan highlighted the significance of that particular decade.

“Coming off doing Fun, to Heaven into Wonderland, we’ve now arrived in the 70s. The idea is to pay tribute to a decade that was instrumental because it was the decade that birthed soca. It was full of iconic moments, iconic artists, music, fashion, everything. Holistically it’s going to pay tribute to different elements of the seventies as well as be educational. It’s a completely immersive experience.”