JotForm Now Offers Adobe eSign Service

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Business is increasingly performed in a “virtual” workspace, which has fueled a growing demand for digital signature technology.

JotForm, a form-building platform, recently launched the Adobe Document Cloud eSign Widget, which allows users to embed esigning into any form.

Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services (formerly known as Echosign) allows users to sign electronic documents. The platform is widely used around the globe, the company notes. The widget allows you to turn your forms into Adobe eSignable contracts that other users can verify within their browser.

It automatically generates a completed copy of your form and opens the generated document in Adobe Document Cloud, where other users can securely sign it.

To utilize the JotForm esignature service, you’ll need an Adobe Document Cloud eSign account. First, you create your form, adding the necessary fields in addition to the eSign Widget.  Next, you authorize JotForm to integrate with the Adobe Document Cloud account, then you embed the form on a web page or send it via email.

The users fill it out and press the Adobe eSign button, which automatically generates a completed copy and opens the generated document in Adobe Document Cloud where the users can securely sign it. Copies are then forwarded to those required.

A digital or electronic signature (aka an “esignature”) is a legally recognized way to indicate consent or approval on a digital document. The signer needs to have a certificate-based digital ID.

Users can download a free 30-day trial using Adobe Document Cloud eSign and JotForm.

Adobe Document Cloud, which adds online services to Acrobat and PDF files that allow users to prepare and send digital documents for electronic signature, notes that by adding esignatures to existing sales processes you can facilitate the closing of five-times as many sales. In fact, according to a TiVo case study, the digital video recorder company reduced contract cycle times from months to mere seconds by adding the JotForm esignature feature.

Adobe further noted that its JotForm esignature feature meets industry and regulatory compliance standards. Its esign services also comply with industry security standards, including HIPAA and PCI v3.0, which the payment card industry uses.

It added that because of the included protections and certifications, esignatures are typically more secure than pen and ink signatures. As well, electronic signatures can be tracked.

Image: JotForm