LG Could Unveil New Curved Phone in November

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lg curved phone

Just weeks after the announcement of the first curved smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Round, images of a second curved phone have emerged.

South Korean LCD display maker LG Display announced recently it would start mass-producing flexible OLED screens for smartphones. The organic LED display screen technology is used in computer monitors, PDFs, handheld games and other devices.

In a recent prepared statement issued in an official company release, Dr. Sang Deog Yeo, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer explains:

LG Display is launching a new era of flexible displays for smartphones with its industry-leading technology. The flexible display market is expected to grow quickly as this technology is expected to expand further into diverse applications including automotive displays, tablets and wearable devices.

New LG Curved Phone Could Be More Accessible

For small businesses and mobile entrepreneurs this could mean a more accessible phone.

Images of a yet-to-be-announced LG phone published by Engadget (pictured above) show a completely different curve. That’s top to bottom instead of along the access like the Samsung phone.

But more importantly, mass production of the device probably means a lower price and greater availability.

The Samsung phone, while unique, is priced at around $1000 and currently only available in South Korea.

Pricing, availability and more detailed specs will likely not be available until sometime next month, Engadget reports.

The new curved display is also said to be “bendable and unbreakable” which, if true, might also make the device a good value for the on-the-go entrepreneur.

Image: Engadget