LVMH Finally Enters the World of E-Commerce

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High fashion power player LVMH is stepping up its digital business with its announcement Wednesday that the company would be launching a new, multi-brand e-commerce site that will offer everything from Louis Vuitton to Dior.

The website, 24 Sevres, will be modeled after the legendary Parisian department store Le Bon Marché, reports Reuters. The name comes from the Rue de Sevres in the city’s seventh arrondissement, on which Le Bon Marché is located. The site has been rumored to have been on the way since March, despite LVMH having only just announced the venture, and it’s set to go live on June 6, reaching more than 70 countries.

The e-commerce site will stock more than 150 brands, including 20 belonging to LVMH. Although the specifics of who will be included have not yet been released, LVMH is the parent company of such designers as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and newly acquired Dior. Céline, Kanzo, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and more are all also part of the family. Reportedly, offerings from non-LVMH brands like Gucci, Prada and Maison Margiela may be available as well.

Exec Ian Rogers spoke to Reuters about the new venture, saying that it is meant to provide shoppers with “very Parisian choices.” “The idea is to be attractive with unique products, not necessarily have a huge offering,” he said. For avid online shoppers, think: Net-a-Porter, MyTheresa,, et al.

Of the current LVMH brands, many boast their own e-commerce sites; some don’t provide a platform for online sales, but 24 Sevres will allow the brands to come together under a uniquely curated umbrella. Although it seems likely that the offerings will include clothing, accessories, and shoes, it’s unclear how wide a selection the site will offer.

The website was reportedly made possible by an investment of several million euros, making it the largest initiative taken by the company since it hired former Apple music executive Rogers in 2015. Fittingly, both major moves were meant to further strengthen the company’s digital strategy.

Of course, LVMH is now exactly a newcomer to major e-commerce hubs. The company owns Sephora, which also comes with a popular e-commerce destination that offers a mix of LVMH-owned makeup and beauty brands ass well as a heft selection of others.