Maruti Suzuki S-Presso: Accessory Package Revealed

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The new S-Presso is Maruti Suzuki’s first outing in what it calls the Mini SUV segment. It’s not the first though to think of this idea because there’s the Renault Kwid, which takes its inspiration from the company’s SUV Duster and yes, it has worked for the company. The Kwid has made its mark in the market but there have been doubts about its structural integrity, something that the company has been working on and has got it right with the facelift version, which was launched a day after the S-Presso made its mark in the market.

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Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

4.09 Lakh * On Road Price (New Delhi)

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

The Maruti Suzuki SPresso gets a range of accessories on the inside right from designer mats to interior styling

Maruti Suzuki is making it easy for its customers to choose the accessory kit it offers in the S-Presso. The company offers two packages – Energetic and the Expedition. We give you a detailed list of what’s on offer on both these kits

Energetic Kit


The Energetic Kit comes with a range of enhancements to make it look trendy

The energetic accessory kit comes priced at ₹ 27,490 and comes with

  1. Sizzle orange lining seat cover
  2. Front Skid plate
  3. Rear Skid plate
  4. Bumper Bezel garnish in orange
  5. Rear upper spoiler
  6. Body side moulding
  7. Designer mat
  8. Side skid plate
  9. Front upper grille garnish
  10. Steering Wheel cover
  11. Groove boot mats
  12. Tissue box
  13. Number plate garnish

Expedition Kit


The Expedition kit also includes steering wheel cover, tissue box and number plate garnish

The Expedition kit is priced at ₹ 26,490 and here’s all what you get

  1. Red lining seat cover
  2. Front skid plate
  3. Rear skid plate
  4. Door visor
  5. Door cladding
  6. Wheel arch cladding
  7. Interior styling kit
  8. Designer mat
  9. Back Door garnish
  10. Front upper grille garnish
  11. Cushions
  12. Groove boot mats
  13. Steering Wheel cover
  14. Tissue box
  15. Number plate garnish

Exterior Accessories

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Exterior AccessoriesPrices
Body Graphics₹ 1590
Front Skid Plate₹ 1490
Side Skid Plate₹ 3490
Rear Skid Plate₹ 1790
Roof End Garnish₹ 2290
Rear Spoiler₹ 3290
Daytime Running Fog Lamps₹ 9990
14-inch Machine Finish Alloy Wheels₹ 5590 / Unit
Wheel Arch Cladding₹ 4290
Side Cladding₹ 3990
Door Protectors₹ 2890
Front Bumper Upper Grille Garnish₹ 1490
Lower Bumper Garnish₹ 1190
Door Visor₹ 1090
Bumper Bezel Garnish₹ 990
Window Frame Kit₹ 2990
Boot Garnish₹ 990

Maruti is offering a wide range of body accessory on the S-Presso. You get three types of body graphics, skid plates which make the face look chunkier, rear spoiler, roof garnish, body claddings, door protectors, 14-inch alloy wheels and daytime running fog lamps among others which you don’t get as standard fitments. Everything together helps to jazz up its looks and it appears to be a bit more muscular, adding to the SUVish design.

Interior Accessories

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Interior AccessoriesPrices
Seat Covers₹ 5490 – ₹ 6690
Interior Garnish₹ 4990
Stainless Steel Door Sill Guard₹ 690
Floor Mats₹ 990 – ₹ 1690
Rear Seat Entertainment System₹ 11,110
Air Purifier₹ 4590 – ₹ 11,290
Fast Charger₹ 1374
Dual Port Charger₹ 1199

Maruti Suzuki is making available 12 seat cover options to choose from

On the inside, you get 12 seat cover options and three door and dashboard garnish to choose from. Moreover, there are nine floor mat options, three air purifier options, dual port charger, fast charger and a rear seat entertainment system among others. In addition, customers who go for lower variants can also purchase several other accessories that are available on the entire Maruti range, like touchscreen infotainment systems or single-din audio systems. The top variant of the S-Presso anyway comes with Maruti’s 7-inch Smartplay 2.0 infotainment system. However, the Smartplay Studio system is not available as an accessory.