How need to you dress at 50? Topshop’s Kate Phelan tells you how

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Topshop Boutique S/S 2016.

The pursuit of man or woman and private fashion turns into so much greater important as you become older. when I observe my clothes at home, I don’t think my fashion has modified very a whole lot due to the fact my early 30s. That was when I settled on something. And if I could be 38 again, I don’t supposei’d get dressed any otherwise than I do now, at 50.

That said, some factors of the way I dress had been consistent due to the fact that i was a teenager,once I have become passionate about a Bruce Weber style shoot primarily based on Edward Weston and his ladies. I recollect taking the magazine into Exeter to get my hair reduce just like the picture, thenbuying a fisherman’s jumper in a sailing shop. i purchased a grey pencil skirt, dug out my faculty shoesand ankle socks, were given my dad’s overcoat and got the look. I nonetheless dress like the onesphotos in a way.

There’s an abiding perception that the excessive avenue doesn’t serve older ladies thoroughly, howeverfor my part it’s better than it has ever been. the choice is bigwhether that’s Topshop, Uniqlo or Cos. It’sno longer one stop that offers you everything you need, extra that everybody offers some thing veryspecial.

Topshop Boutique S/S 2016.
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Topshop Boutique S/S 2016. picture: Topshop
all people also used to assume that the high avenue wasn’t superb quality, however that has trulymodified. It makes a massive distinction for a grown-up lady buying style. You’re looking for somethingthat has a little bit of toughnessnot just in phrases of favor but additionally bodily lasting a little bit longer.

The key is to be proper to yourself and confident approximately what you want. It’s no longer alwaysabout what’s in style, it’s what you like for you and your fashion. i have by no means been relaxed inestablished clothes, as an instance, and that i take delivery of that. I’m lazy in a manner. i can’t put onhigh heels due to the fact i will’t stroll speedy sufficient in them. i like to sense i’m able to move aroundand get the whole thing finished. I’m also now not any person who scrutinises each detail or seam,looking at the development. i really like clothes that come up with the effect of what you need.

Phelan in1985.
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Jane Birkin in 1985. photo: Sipa/Rex/Shutterstock
Topshop’s Boutique label is a real mirrored image of what i really like now. It’s wherein i would cross for classics: a gorgeous khaki shirt, a camel coat. I assume in case you want to buy a camel coat, youshould constantly be capable of get one, no matter season or tendencies. The identical with a V-neck jumper and a white cotton shirt. It’s that easy technique to fashion that allows you to dress it up as plentyas you want, or dress it down. It still leaves a number of it as much as you.

in case you start with a very conventional technique to your garments, you could upload somethingflamboyant to that. in case you begin the opposite way spherical, it’s a whole lot harder to tone it down afterwards. start with the uninteresting bit, then add to make it feel more relevant to what is taking placein style.

when i used to be a 25-yrold fashion assistant, I used to observe a 4012 monthsvintage fashion editor and assume they had been prepared for retirement, so critical in their Chanel suits and pearls and Manolo Blahniks. but ladies are loving style at all ages now, it’s move-generational. think of how jeans havebecome the norm. My mum wore jeans into her 70s but her mom would by no means have worn them. Now you may wear leopard print when you’re 60 however it doesn’t suggest you appear to be bet Lynch –except you want to. And in case you want to wear sequins, you could wear sequins.

Topshop Boutique S/S 2016.
Topshop Boutique S/S 2016. photo: Topshop
i really like seeing ladies like Jane Birkin who have been so influential once they have been young in what they put on, and that they nevertheless are. Of course, there are compromises. You do need to beorganized for that factor that style does – when you fall in love with something and it feels truly besthowever they change it. It’s a bit like how you may’t get a Levi’s 501 to match like an vintage Levi’s 501because they’ve tailored the design. and you do should age into your fashion, like Kate Moss has –preserving your style personality but transferring it on so it turns into more applicable to the age you’re.

I think, in the long run, style is constantly approximately the ones little things which you discover. Margaret Howell did a virtually beautiful blue headscarf for the Barbara Hepworth exhibition and i boughtone due to the fact I loved it, however I had never truly worn a headscarf before. i used to be tying itspherical my neck thinking, “Oh, it feels actually extraordinary, actually grown up, to place a headscarfon.” I pretty favored that.