New Business Ideas: More Than Shoes

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FiveFingersIt’s hard to imagine entrepreneurs achieving mass market success with shoes. After all, shoes are everyday items and not very exciting as the latest gadgets.

Despite this, entrepreneurs around the world have come up with winning shoes ideas that have captured the attention of today’s consumers. You’ve probably seen countless people wearing the colorful Crocs shoes in your city. Here are more interesting footwear ideas to pique your curiosity.

  • Designed for physical exercise, the Kangoo Jumps rebound exercise shoesare loaded with springs so that you can jump higher than on your own two feet. You need not worry about adverse side-effects as the shoes reduce impact by 80% so they’re really easy on your joints, hips and spine.
  • The FiveFingers shoes (pictured above) target outdoor sports fans who prefer to go barefoot during their activities. These glove-like shoes permit you to safely enjoy your various physical activities such as running while retaining the sensation and effectiveness of being barefoot.
  • Get rid of smelly feet with Italy’s Geox shoes, created by Italian entrepreneur Mario Polegato. Fitted with a patented membrane, these Geox shoes are designed to leave toes cool and eliminate the bad smell because the soles are specially made to allow feet to “breathe” elegantly.
  • Walkers are standing up and taking note of Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) trainers. Based on the erect barefoot stride of Africa’s Masai tribe, the chunky-soled shoes create a rocking motion that improves posture and balance. Professional sportsmen apparently use MBT trainers to speed up regeneration, optimise their running style, and for speed and power training.

Have you seen any creative and innovative footwear ideas lately in your country?

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